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Engels Jules & Yves, Putte have the fastest Melun racer in Antwerp against 7,532 old and yearling birds

06 May 2021

The Engels family, who doesn’t know this pigeon family. For years they have been at the top and after a superb season in 2020 they hope to shine again in 2021. Those who know the qualities of these pigeons know that they like strong weather and can compete week after week. 

The middle distance races have started the past weekend and who had the fastest pigeon of all Antwerp pigeons in the middle and west, yes, indeed, the Engels family. Top class with a yearling hen that already won a 1st prize on a middle distance race last year. 

Winner Melun

BE 20-6208276 Nina Hen

1             Melun                                    2,202b ( fastest 7,532b )
2             Sermaises                            2,439b
11           Sermaises                            2,893b
458         Nat Argenton                   23,280b
548         Nat Chateauroux            20,789b

Father BE 17-6164762 Inbred Kaasboer
½ brother to 2 Nat Chateauroux 4,389b – 3 Nat Issoudun 8,248b – 7 Nat Vierzon 20,956b

Gr.F. BE 14-6026095 Gaston – Grandson Kaasboer Gaston Vandewouwer
                Son super breeder 098/03” Rik
Gr.M. BE 13-6062100 Inbred Kaasboer Gaston Vandewouwer
                Daughter to “Brother Kim” x “Daughter Kaasboer” 

Mother BE 17-6052878 Giena – Thijs Nick & Roger
½ sister 16 Nat Bourges 19,736b – 22 Nat Gueret 12,262b

Gr.F. BE 12-6234511 Den 511 - Thijs Nick & Roger
Gr.M. BE 12-6234531 Bourgeske 531 - Thijs Nick & Roger
                Won 69 Nat Bourges 11,822b – Daughter “725/05” 3 x 1st  

Again proof that youngsters with a lot of experience have a step ahead as yearling. At the Engels loft they have chosen since a few years now to focus on experience as youngster by letting them race more than one national race to get afterwards as yearling and old bird even more top results on their favourite terrain. 

Yves & Jules, a big congratulation with this nice victory and good luck for the rest of the season of 2021 ! 

Buelens Kim