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Doc Team Delhove Paesmans Bouf - Villers la Ville - 1st International Barcelona 16.897 old birds

09 Jul 2022

The classic among the classics, Barcelona. As is the annual custom from all over the world, this flight is followed. On Friday, July 8 at 8 a.m. all 16,897 old birds were set free to eternal fame. It was anxious to see whether the wind in the Rhone Valley would influence the course of the flight and whether pigeons would still be reported on the shortest distances on the evening itself. This was not the case, but around 5:49 am it was hit in France. The tone was set and now it was mainly looking forward to Belgium and the Netherlands, the later international winner was clocked around 7:10 in the morning. This 3-year-old hen had fallen into the lofts of Doc Team Delhove Paesmans Bouf in Villers La Ville in Walloon Brabant.

A total of 14 pigeons went to Barcelona and 10 pigeons were clocked the same day around 4 pm, a total strong performance with 3 pigeons in the first 100 National.


The 3-year-old hen won a small prize as a yearling from Agen. She flew her first Barcelona race as a 2-year-old and won prizes per 10. The main goal is there and now as a 3 year old she hits the mark.

A whole team is working on the pigeons and especially care is taken to bring in Dutch pigeons for the heavier work. Extreme long distance is the main goal and Barcelona in particular stands out. The winner also has Dutch long distance blood in her on both sides, which they mainly look for.The racing pigeons themselves are let out in the spring to get a basic condition and are coupled around April 15 for their 1st coupling. They stay on the nest until Barcelona, ​​so they don't fly on widowhood. They mainly race short distances in April and every week middle distance in May. 

After Bourges II at the end of May they will be coupled again to start their 2nd litter. They then race Valence as the first and last national race for Barcelona, ​​then they start breeding and against Barcelona they are basketed on a youngster of 4-5 days. The pigeons train once a day, because of the nest game I am forced to train the cocks in the morning and the hens in the afternoon. But they know this so well, so keeping the pigeons flying is no problem.

What is more important is that the pigeons flew a last flight from Nantieul 2 days before Barcelona to get the rhythm back. Between Valence and Barcelona they were taken once a week up to 60km.

In the medical field, during the first pairing in mid-April they were treated for 5 days against tricho with Tricho Plus and this was repeated just before Barcelona, ​​also against the respiratory tract was treated just before Barcelona. The pigeons are given antibiotics once a year, just before their most important race of the year.

For additional products we can be short because they are not used. They firmly believe in a good diet and especially in the beginning light feeding, in the run-up to the heavier flights they use different sport mixtures among each other so that there is variety in the food so that they can choose enough. After returning home from Barcelona, ​​they are first given maize and then small seeds.

Winner Barcelona 

BE 19-1067685 “Blue Night” Blue Hen
1st Int.Nat Barcelona ’22 16.897 old birds
581 Nat Barcelona ’21 6.913 old birds

Distance : 1014,879 km
Velocity : 998,39 m/min ( 72 min / min ahead on 2nd place international )
Clocked time : 7:10:31

Sire NL 17-1130005 Son Miss Milos – Verweij De Haan

Gr.F. NL 15-1552762 Red Messi - Verweij De Haan
                Won himself 46 Int.Nat Perpignan 14.682b
Gr.M. NL 15-1552827 Miss Milos - Verweij De Haan
                Won herself 7 Int.Nat (dv) St.Vincent 2.286b – 16 Int.Nat Perpignan 14.682b
                Daughter from foundation breeder “Milos” x “Chanel Messi” 

Mother BE 12-9064216 Dark Chequered – 100% Cor De Heijde via Noel Peiren

Gr.F. NL 04-2172759 Dream – Cor De Heijde
                Son from foundation breeder “Don Michel” x “Geschelpt” 74 Nat Barcelona
Gr.M. NL 03-334592 Granddaughter 1 Nat Bordeaux 5.478b – Cor De Heijde 

Congratulations to the entire team on this great victory from the entire HERBOTS TEAM.

Buelens Kim