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Denolf Marc - Kortemark: 1st National Tulle 9,763 old birds

28 Jun 2022


It was in 2018 that we stood on the yard of family Denolf for the first time. Then "De Braven Agen" brought the national Agen victory to Kortemark. A victory that suddenly made Marc famous and look, a few years later Marc wins again nationally. This time from Tulle and the beauty of the story is that it's with a grandson of the "De Braven Agen" because this winner, just like this Tulle winner, despite the nice bids was not sold but got a breeding box. 

Marc Denolf (61) and his wife Annie ran an agricultural business with greenhouse crops and pedigree cattle until a few years ago. They are active in nature every day and realise more than anyone that caring for nature is crucial for us all in the long run.  Caring, observing well, reacting quickly, quality, and this with the animals as well as with the crops.  And so also with the pigeons.  No unnecessary frills, a good correct care and then it will be the quality that will win.
The focus is on long-distance and very long distance races and it gets serious from 500 km and further. Marc built his colony with pigeons from Stefan Vanoverbeke, Esen; Roger Velle, Koksijde; Galle-Wijnands, Veldegem; Octaaf Wetsteen, Kortemark and Daniël Tanghe, Kortemark.


We started with 65 old and yearling widowers and every year about 120 youngsters get a ring around their leg. No winter breeding but only a 5 day brooding before the season. 
The widowers live in very spacious lofts with a spacious corridor for the departments. We have seen for ourselves that these lofts are very dry, sunny and well cared for. The youngsters are also housed in brickwork lofts but on a loft in the well-kept garden.
The basis of the colony is formed by the historically strong strain of Kamiel Corneillie from Rumbeke supplemented with pigeons from Stefan Vanoverbeke (Esen), Roger Velle (Koksijde), Galle-Wijnands (Veldegem), Octaaf Wetsteen (Kortemark) and Daniël Tanghe (Kortemark).
The widowers fly twice a day with closed windows, spend the quiet days on 50% purification and 50% sport and are raised (separately in their nest box, with the spoon) towards basketing. Marc also dares to feed some pure corn on a regular basis. In spring Wim Boddaert is called in for a traditional start check and for the rest there is little medical intervention. After Orléans they treated against trichomonas and against respiratory infections. On arrival back home, electrolytes are put in the drinker and that is the end of the matter.

Towers high

"Yes, I did see it coming," Marc says, "we knew when Annemie Vanhee had diagnosed it and we searched the blue sky expectantly. Suddenly we saw a pigeon turning sky high and it took more than 15 seconds before he could land on the board.
It was the first time that "De Tulle" went above 600km and apparently the long stay in the basket has motivated him even more. 

With Marc Denolf, we have another confirmation that pigeon racing as a pure hobby still exists and has a right to exist.  We tend to professionalise more and more but every week top performances are still delivered by real hobbyists.... provided the necessary quality is present.  Marc Denolf's loft is proof of this.

Congratulations from the whole Herbots team.


1st National Tulle 9,763 old birds

Distance: 615km
Velocity: 1380,53m/m


The lofts

Stefan Mertens