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Danny & Bjorn Knaepen from Nieuwerkerken win 1-3-6 Provincial Gien 1,686 youngsters

02 Sep 2022

For Danny and Bjorn Knaepen from Nieuwerkerken in Limburg, the provincial victory has been good. After the 4-week damper of the bird flu, they were already happy that they can still test their young guard. The results have been excellent in recent weeks and now on Gien it was a hit with 1-3-6 Provincial against 1,686 youngsters. A top achievement for the assistant loft manager of the Herbots company, who run their colony together with his father Danny.

After they discovered their best racer "Vechter" in 2020, they try to keep this breeding line in honor and build on it. “Vechter” was a powerhouse in the national races and became 1st Provincial Ace Pigeon Great Middle Distance KBDB in 2020 and 21st National Ace Pigeon Great Middle Distance KBDB. He won 66 Nat Issoudun 18.178b , 68 Nat Gueret 12.888b, 120 Nat La Souterraine 15.939b and 311 Nat Chateauroux 33.833b.

Young pigeons

Due to the known bird flu problems, the preparation here also fell apart, the youngsters hadn't been with us yet before it was locked. After that it went at a fast pace to learn something from them. They flew Chimay, Momignies and Soissons at 8 days. Afterwards they flew Sourdun, Momignies and Chimay again in 8 days. Then the team was split up on Lorris and Melun and last week they all went to the provincial race from Gien.

The youngsters were darkened from March 19 to June 7. From the end of June until the end of the season, they are illuminated from 5.30 am to 10.45 pm in the evening. This year the sexes were separated earlier because the pigeons didn't really want to train as they should. That's why we split up on June 10, but unfortunately we had to deal with the bird flu. The training in the morning is always for the cocks and the hens come at 3 pm because both still have to work during the day.

After that they have always been raced on the sliding door but it is only the 3rd time that they now come together for basketing. They leave them together for an hour, separate them again and are still well fed before being taken away. After the flight we prefer to leave them together longer so that enough pairs are formed for the last weeks of the season. That's why we've left them together for the last 3-4 weeks since playing until Monday morning.

In terms of nutrition, they received 50% Gerry Plus Versele – Laga and 50% Vliegmix 2 Aidi in the preparation. We have always raced the shorter sprint races, when they were basketted for 2 nights we gave Vliegmix 2 Aidi together with Steenbergen Boost Natural for the last 2 days.

Every day they get Herbochol and Herbosol from Herbovet in the drinking water and on the feed Omega Oil from Herbovet came together with Prodigest from Herbots. We are not crazy about doing something different in our drinks every day and that's why we prefer to stick to a fixed schedule. This year we have not yet been checked with our youngsters and we cured them for the bird flu against tricho and the head. After that they have had nothing more than 2x yellow drops on Thursday at the basketing.

The first 3 pigeons introduced to you

BE 22-5054201 Hen
Won 1st Provincial Gien 1.686 young birds

Sire BE 18-5126773 Chequered – Petre – Robijns
Son from “Son Sisse” 1 Prov Ace x “Blue” Emiel Engelbos x Anthony Maes

Mother BE 15-2297068 Blue
Daughter from “Blue” Son 2 Prov Orléans x base hen 562/10 x “335/14” G & L Hayen x Stefan Steenbergen ( grandmother “Vechter” 1 Prov Ace GMD KBDB )

BE 22-5054287 Cock
Won 3th Provincial Gien 1.686 young birds and 4th Chimay 754b

Sire BE 21-5028294 Son Vechter
Son best racer “Vechter” 1 Prov Ace GMD KBDB x “Blue 275/19” won 1st Chateauroux 247b ( Jozef & Carlo Lenaerts x Pierre Loppe )

Mother BE 20-5055613 Blue white feather
Daughter from “449/17” Won 7th Prov Chevrain 5.108b x “889/17” Sister 1 Prov Fay Aux Loges 1.803b

BE 22-5054234 Cock 
Won 6th Provincial Gien 1.686 young birds – 42nd Provincial Melun 3.590b 

Sire BE 21-5056835 Blue - Stefan Steenbergen
Son from “Hardy” 16 Nat Bourges 9.256b x “Iron 928” won 3 x 1st and 37 Nat Chateauroux 20.524b is a daughter from “Old Van Camp” x “Roberta”

Mother BE 19-5073622 Blue
Daughter from “573/10” Guisson – Vanbrabant x “505/16” Blue L & G Hayen is daughter from “Little Joe” 16 x 1st

Best results with youngsters this season

Chimay 754 young birds : 4,5,6,10,12,32,46,48,52,53,54,… 32/73
Melun 407 young birds : 7,17,18,24,38,39,… 
Lorris 550 young birds : 3,7,13,16,34,… 18/39
Gien 522 young birds : 1,3,5,12,18,37,42,52,… 23/64 
Gien Provincial 1.686 young birds : 1,3,6,24,29,… 24/64

Danny and Bjorn, this victory is heartily awarded to you because of the Herbots family and all your colleagues.

Buelens Kim