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Bruges Barcelona club visits Golden Wing winner Rudy Saey from Quiévrain

10 Jul 2024

One right arrow in the bullseye can get you the highest result. Rudy Saey from Quiévrain (Quiévrain which sounds like an alarm clock in the morning to the ears of every pigeon fancier and the most renowned release place in Belgium) is the proud owner of last week's Golden Wing 2024 at Barcelona. He received the visit of the board of the Bruges Barcelona Club to adorn him with the necessary honour and praise as a fine winner of this prestigious title. With pigeon BE21-1064804, he achieved 8th place nationally and is the first Belgian player to clock his first nominated pigeon. For a distance of 991 km, he was clocked day one at 21.22 51h, a stunner of note with a minute speed of 1,168 metres per minute.

A hidden diamond

Where pigeon racing is moving more and more in a professional direction, this event is once again proof that quality can still beat quantity. Rudy has 25 pigeons, a real mini colony, and specialises in long-distance racing. The golden wing winner also flew the 30th national Barcelona last year and will repeat this exploit in 2024 with an even better result. That it does not all have to be so complicated is the fact that Rudy could have won the Golden Wing in the recent past, but did not register.... 
No pedigree of the pigeon is available, but this does not detract at all from the exceptional performance and wonderful recognition that now goes to Quiévrain. The wonderful celebration in the autumn will then be doubly enjoyable for this modest player with rock-solid pigeons !

Congratulations to the winner and the organising committee on behalf of the Herbots team !

Geert Dhaenens