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Bruges Barcelona Club visit to 'Gouden Vleugel' winner, Raf Stynen

07 Nov 2019

In our article on Monday you could read that Raf Stynen didn't only win the 1st International Hens Barcelona (2nd National Barcelona), but also won the 'Gouden Vleugel' competition from the 'Bruges Barcelona Club'. The entire delegation of the club came all the way from Bruges to the Antwerp city Geel to congratulate him!

It is tradition that the Bruges Barcelona Club visit the 'Gouden Vleugel' winner during the week after the race, yesterday Tuesday the 9th of July this date was set. The hen BE16-6053748 from Raf won this competition before Gustaaf Ceusters, Westerlo who won the 'Zilveren Vleugel' (Silver Wing) and third in line is Marc Verherstraeten, Lille who is the winner of the 'Bronzen Vleugel' (Bronze Wing) on again a very though Barcelona race...

Next to the delegation of the Bruges Barcelona Club, the Molse Fondclub (the club were Raf baskets) was present as well to congratule him. The Barcelona race, the winning hen, the winning fancier Raf,...were the speak of the town this evening.

The hen was being approved, Raf was being congratulated, food and drinks were present thanks to the good care of mother Maria...Etienne Meirlaen, Vice-President Bruges Barcelona Club, had nice words for Raf, Pascal Bodegien, National President KBDB had prepared a gentle speech and a thank you from Raf himself made that this was a very celebrating and cozy evening. 

This achievement will be celebrated 'BIG' in Bruges later this year. On Saturday the 19th of October 2019, the festivities will continu in de 'Vossenberg' in Hooglede. An appointment to be highlighted in your agenda.

Thank you Raf and family for you hospitality and see you in Bruges in October !