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Broeckx Niels (Oud-Turnhout) own back an Olympiad pigeon with "Olympic New Elfje"

04 Dec 2022

Niels Broeckx is the son of Jan and Marleen Broeckx. The family moved from Baarle-Hertog to Oud-Turnhout in 2007. In Baarle-Hertog (Baarle-Nassau), they already played under the name 'Jan Broeckx'. In his turn, Jan is the son of 'Broeckx-Van Hees' from Oud-Turnhout, also formidable fund players. Pigeon sport is a family sport because the wives of the house, Maria Van Hees (Jan's mother) and Marleen Govaerts (Jan's wife) are also involved in pigeon sport on a daily basis and have become indispensable in caring for their winged friends. 
Jan Broeckx has been playing with pigeons for more than 25 years, including a good decades in Oud-Turnhout. He combined pigeon racing with work in his bakery in Baarle-Hertog. In 2012, the bakery was sold and from now on both Jan and his wife Marleen, who took care of the bakery shop, were able to focus entirely on 'pigeon-milking'. The result of this tight plan immediately resulted in good results for the youngsters from 2012 onwards. In 2013, these pigeons confirmed by winning quite a few prizes as yearlings. The trend was set and from year to year it went cresendo with the results of the Broeckx pigeons. 
One of the dreams of Jan and Marleen was to play an Olympiad pigeon one day in their pigeon career and look, in 2017 "Olympic 306'ke" made this dream come true by achieving 1st Olympiad pigeon Cat. C 

‘Olympic 306’ke’. Zij won oa.: 
1st Olympiad bird Cat. C Brussel 2017
9 National Ace KBDB Great middle distance yearbirds 2015
3   National Montluçon               16,982b              580km
14 National Châteauroux           25,710b             556km
14 National Guéret                      16,262b              618km
15 National Châteauroux             6,850b              556km

As "Olympic 306'ke" was sold, Jan and Marleen decided to immediately give siblings a bin in the breeding loft. A decision they have not regretted for a second. The following breeding references provide proof:

Brilliant Runner BE15-6300239
full sister ‘Olympic 306’ke’:

==> Mother of BE19-6066046 ‘Remco Runner’
1     Quièvrain    1,351b
1     Quièvrain       176b
2     Quièvrain       471b
5     Quièvrain    1,723b
6     Quièvrain       764b
8     Quièvrain    1,799b
12   Quièvrain    1,804b
12   Quièvrain       275b
15   Quièvrain       403b
16   Quièvrain    2,106b
33   Quièvrain       460b 
35   Quièvrain       805b
83   Quièvrain    1,181b
103   Quièvrain  1,303b
156   Quièvrain  1,913b

Energetic Runner BE17-6056310
full brother ‘Olympic 306’ke’
==> father of BE19-6066012 ‘Wout Runner’ 
1     Quièvrain       275b
2     Quièvrain    1,351b
2     Quièvrain       592b
2     Quièvrain       234b
4     Quièvrain       323b
5     Quièvrain       341b
8     Quièvrain       471b
14   Quièvrain       467b
20   Quièvrain    1,723b
25   Quièvrain    1,804b
27   Quièvrain    1,484b
30   Quièvrain       460b 
33   Quièvrain       484b
34   Quièvrain       951b
35   Quièvrain    1,042b
36   Quièvrain    1,228b
40   Quièvrain    1,799b
62   Quièvrain       764b
70   Quièvrain    1,181b
77   Quièvrain    1,490b

Athletic Runner BE15-6287387 
Fill sister ‘Olympic 306’ke’
Mother of oa:
1     /1,828b
23   /1,376b
25   / 1,322b
33   /   460b
65   /   851b
67   / 3,407b
92   / 1,490b
196 / 2,752b
Also grandmother to BE20-2065512 (won @ Karel Roden)
15 National Chateauroux 531 km against 15,322 youngbirds
94 National Argenton 560km against 23,280 youngbirds

A new Olympiad pigeon with "Olympic New Elfje"

And Marleen and Jan's dream continues as they have bred and played a new Olympiad pigeon. Hen "Olympic New Elfje" represented our country at the Olympiad in Romania 2022 ! Will she become the new breeding phenomenon? We are curious 

The 2022 season
At the start of the 2022 season, there were 30 old hens, 20 yearling hens and 30 yearling cocks ready. These are supported by 50 breeding couples and a 350 youngsters are weaned annually. 
The old and yearling birds are all played with partners staying at home. The old hens are played up to Limoges/Souillac (750km). The yearling hens work the national 500km programme while the yearling cocks get to prove their ability on the speed (Quievrain and Noyon). "To be quite honest" Jan tells "we also played 2 yearling cocks on the long distance and that tastes like more for the coming seasons".
The hens are somewhat compulsorily darkened. "Here right next to us there is a riding school" says Marleen "and especially in the winter period the adjacent arena is fully lit, just like a football field. No need to explain more, surely? The hens are darkened from 19h to 8h until mid-May. Afterwards, they are supplementary lighting until the end of the season, which is from 6am to 11pm.
The hens have the mixtures from the Beyers range on the menu. The basis is the Vandenabeele (low-protein) mixture and as the basketing day approaches, this is gradually replaced by Galaxy Energy. As extras, we then rely on products from the Herbots Animal and Herbovet range such as Brewer's yeast (B.M.T.) - 4 Oils - Proteins (Pro-Recup) - and so on...
On the medical front, we have full confidence in vet Raf Herbots. His guidance schedule in terms of vaccinations and cures is followed very strictly. Twice a year we sit in his waiting room and for the rest there is a lot of telephone contact. Against trichomoniasis, the well-known yellow drops go over the feed every week on Monday and Tuesday.

Results 2022

*27-3 QUIEVRAIN 136KM 
OLD BIRDS 2063 BIRDS: 4-8-36-86-94-127-…9/16
YEARBIRDS 1320 BIRDS: 3-9-47-52   4/8

*24-4 QUIEVRAIN 136KM 
               OLD BIRDS 2853 BIRDS: 13-14-18-19-22-33-54-65-73-94-95-…67/101

*24-4 NOYON 240KM 
               OLD BIRDS 1759 BIRDS: 21-33-69-110-121-…8/12
              YEARBIRDS 1072 BIRDS: 16-35  2/3

*1-5 NOYON 240KM 
              OLD BIRDS 2910 BIRDS: 34-38-736-921   4/6
              YEARBIRDS 1816 BIRDS: 22-25-552    3/3

*8-5 NOYON 240KM 
              OLD BIRDS  1946 BIRDS: 7-9-36-41-….61/78
              YEARBIRDS 1262 BIRDS: 3-28-32-33-…25/35

              OLD BIRDS 789 BIRDS: 3-6-9-16-18-19-34-…26/32     
               YEARBIRDS 497 BIRDS: 3-6-7-13-15-27-39-…18/23     

*15-5 QUIEVRAIN 136KM 
OLD BIRDS 707 BIRDS: 4-5-23-24-33-42-51-53-…25/32
YEARBIRDS 446 BIRDS: 4-13-14-20-26-34-55-59-…17/23

*15-5 NOYON 240KM 
               YEARBIRDS 931 BIRDS: 6-51-92-102-151  5/6

*29-5 QUIEVRAIN 136KM 
              OLD BIRDS 498 BIRDS: 3-6-13-14-21-22-24-25-…21/32
              YEARBIRDS 307 BIRDS: 3-11-12-16-18-19-…16/23

*29-5 NOYON 240KM  
               YEARBIRDS 440 BIRDS: 19-21-92-…6/6

*4-6 MELUN 339KM 
               YEARBIRDS 762 BIRDS: 2-10-14-32-63-66-67-…15/19

               OLD BIRDS 766 BIRDS: 5-7-14-25-27-32-34-35-54-…19/32
               YEARBIRDS 434 BIRDS: 3-4-9-15-18-20-53-54-…15/23

*6-6 NOYON 240KM 
               YEARBIRDS 459 BIRDS: 14-17-49-88-…6/6

*11-6 LIMOGES 700KM 
OLD BIRDS  NAT.17356 BIRDS: 49-53-88-150-259-382-733-851-…17/28
ZONAAL 3604 BIRDS: 9-11-18-25-40-61-…17/28
PROV.1961 BIRDS: 7-10-14-21-37-54-…18/28
LOKAAL 207 BIRDS: 1-3-4-8-11-12-21-24-…17/28

*12-6 QUIEVRAIN 136KM 
              OLD BIRDS 457 BIRDS: 2-6-16-33-40-41-49-59-60-…18/24

*18-6 MELUN 339KM 
              OLD BIRDS 620 BIRDS: 10-12-19-50-58-…8/17
               YEARBIRDS 431 BIRDS: 8-10-13-28-34-…8/17

*18-6 ARGENTON 581KM 
               YEARBIRDS 137: 2-12   2/2

*19-6 NOYON 240KM 
               YEARBIRDS 243 BIRDS: 7-9-22-31-32   5/6
               OLD BIRDS 408 BIRDS: 13-14-17-20-37-50-51-52-…10/12

*26-6 ISSOUDUN 613KM 
               OLD BIRDS 8151 BIRDS NATIONAAL: 37-381    2/2

               LOKAAL 143 BIRDS: 1-2-4-5-6-7-13-…12/30
               PROV.892 BIRDS: 9-18-23-23-25-33-…11/30
               ZONAAL 1960 BIRDS: 5-12-20-20-25-29-…11/30

               LOKAAL 96 BIRDS: 1-2-21  ¾
               PROV. 868 BIRDS: 5-10-261  ¾
               ZONAAL 587 BIRDS: 3-5-122  ¾
               NAT.6761 BIRDS: 22-41-1515  3/4

               LOKAAL 55 BIRDS: 1-2-4-6-8-10-…9/19
               PROV. 367 BIRDS: 8-13-23-31-53-…7/19
               ZONAAL 793 BIRDS: 14-21-36-48-77  5/19

LOKAAL 140 BIRDS: 1-6-9-10-11-16-…9/14
ZONAAL 674 BIRDS: 10-55-67-76-…7/14
NATIONAAL 5720 BIRDS: 32-310-397-480-482-…8/14

Numerous references
It is very striking how easily fanciers succeed with the Broeckx pigeons. This overview says it all
*Devroye Andre Mechelen:
15° and 16° nat. ace pigeon small middle distance :out of sister to our Olympic 306'KE
*Van Oeckel B&N:
4° and 5° nat.ace FOND : grandmother is sister to our Olympic 306'KE
1° nat. ace KHF old : grandmother is sister to our Olympic 306'KE
*Van Massenhoven Kris
1° nat.ace pigeon speed : grandmother is sister to our Olympic 306'KE
*Verhestraeten Sylvain:
2° nat.ace pigeon speed: grandmother is named 'Broeckxhen' and is also mother of 12° nat.ace pigeon speed, among others
*Karel Roden: DIVA  wins 15° and 94° national and this hen is mother of child at Peter vd Merwe with performance:6°/2436 pigeons
*Bart Verbeek: 20-581 flies: 19°nat Issoudun-36°nat Argenton-58°nat gueret-60°nat.Issoudun-114° nat. La Souterraine:comes from brother of our Olympic 306'KE
*1° berezenka OLR of 13310 pigeons 697km comes from our 306'KE line and Elfje line
*1° OLR Qatar 120km :from line 10°Nat.ace GHF Martine
*1° OLR in Mexico 436km: Elfje line:11°Nat.ace GHF,is grandmother of our Olympic New Elfje:2°Olympic pigeon Romania 2022 
* Danny-Nick Van Avondt : "Marleen" 19-041 flies 2°National Issoudun old 9777 pigeons :out of full brother 10°Nat.ace GHF Martine
*Buvens-Sleven: "20-701" flies 2°National Chateauroux of 15322 pigeons: father direct Broeckx Niels descends from full sister Martine: 10°Nat.ace GHF
*Bart Verdeyen: "Miss Limoges" 20-572 flies 13°National Limoges yearlings 9218 pigeons. Father is "King Niels 443", who flew 9° Nat.La Souterraine from 9136 pigeons with us and is now base breeder with Bart and Francis Verdeyen. "Mister Limoges" 16-437 flew 36°National Limoges 9661 pigeons and 43°National Cahors 6356 pigeons, father is also "King Niels 443"
*F.Maia De Almeida (Paris): pigeon flies 3 x top 10 of +- 3000 pigeons: father is "BR. Runner Kite" 09-935 (basic breeder)
*A message received from a.o: Danny Dockx,Gaston vd Wouwer,Sidharta Meix Mexico,Rainer leisegang Germany ...: they are good with Broeckx pigeons,achieve nice prices with them....
Marleen continues: "As you can read, many fanciers are successful with our pigeons but I would like to put one fancier in the spotlight and that is Ines Stessens, a youth player from our club. She has "20-735" which became 1° Ace pigeon Fondclub Turnhout and 2° Ace pigeon youth club Antwerpen '22 Fond. "735-20" comes from Elfje line. 

Marleen and Jan would like to say a final word of thanks to Nance - Bart Van Oeckel and their caretaker Kjenten. True friends for years and both of us are successful with each other's pigeons. That's the beauty of pigeon racing. Giving each other success