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Best breeding hen “751” Roger Buvens

19 Jan 2022

The day before yesterday we introduced you to “001/10” Elise from Roger Buvens, “Elise” is a daughter of his well-known stock couple that has caused so much furore. Now it's her sister's turn, BE 09-5021751 “751” is a hen with real top performances herself, but she is simply magnificent in breeding.

View here the list of her descendants have all achieved nationally, super class up to and including. As a result, her descendants also became National Ace pigeons and Olympiad pigeons. The highest level you could wish for along with 3 National winners.

“751” flew fantastic as a youngster. In the middle distance she won 1st Sens 1,047 pigeons, 2nd La Ferte 2,025 pigeons, 7th Sens 1,309 pigeons and 9th Orléans 2,967b. Then it was the turn of the nationals and she won 67th NATIONAL Bourges 37,357 pigeons and 97th NATIONAL Argenton 23,900 pigeons.

When there was a national ace pigeon competition for Young Birds All Round in 2009, she was top candidate number 1.

Afterwards Roger decided to put her into breeding and she very quickly provided top pigeons.

The first toppers were born in 2010 and 2011 and now the last children of her are in this top sale.In the summer of 2010 Roger won 1st National Bourges and “751” was coupled to the “Bourges winner”. The 2 children from this were kept and from here comes.

“Bourgesman 438” BE 10-5182438” Part 2 – N°5A which will be sold together with a daughter from 2021 as proof that he is still perfectly fertilized until now.

“Bourgesman 438” in turn became father of several top pigeons including“Dream” BE 16-2172729 Part 2 – N°3 who flew fantastic in the national races and who has been in the breeding loft since 2021. Here she immediately became mother of the best young bird of 2021 “Ime”.


MOVIE "Bourgesman 438" BE 10-5182438 

Movie "Dream" BE 16-2172729

 “Bourgesman 438” was coupled in 2020 to the “Willem De Bruijn” hen. 
Immediately with success because from this coupling comes “Hubertine” BE 20-5087777 Part 3 – N°2.
She was a late youngster of 2020 and was not played much, but she also did more than excellent.


You could pair the 751 Hen with whatever you wanted, they were always good ones. In 2010 and 2015 she was paired with “Waldo”.

In 2010 "Xia" was born immediately, who raced super in the middle distance and became mother of "Ariane" 2nd NATIONAL Chateauroux 18,604 pigeons.
“Xia” in turn became mother of “Early” BE 17-5023904” Part 3 – N°10A cock with a nice honors list that flew well because of the priority to the hen game.

In 2015 the grandparents “Waldo” and “751” of “Hosanna” 
BE 20-5087762 Part 3 – N°11“Hosanna” herself flew from speed to the national races.

In 2011, “Marie” was born, she won a super honors list, with 1st I.Prov Toury 1.063p, 3rd Prov Vierzon 3.088p, 4th NATIONAL Argenton 16,325p, 5th Prov Bourges 1,805p, 19th NATIONAL Montlucon 18,568p , 65th NATIONAL 4,757b, 67th NATIONAL Chateauroux 22,254b and 77th NATIONAL Argenton 5,941b. She became 6th National Ace Pigeon Extreme Middle Distance KBDB 2013 and grandmother of 1st NATIONAL Chateauroux 33,833 pigeons ( fastest of 54,633 pigeons )

In 2014 “Bettina” was born, she was a full sister of “Marie” 6th National Ace Pigeon Extreme Middle Distance KBDB 2013 and grandmother of 1st NATIONAL Chateauroux 33,833 pigeons (fastest of 54,633 pigeons)
“Bettina” became mother of=> “Dries” BE 16-2172801 Part 5 – N°2 who in turn became father of “Hope” BE 20-507703” Part 5 – N°1 and “Frida” BE 18-5070717 Part 5 – N° 4

MOVIE "Dries" BE 16-2172801

MOVIE "Hope" BE 20-5087703

Movie "Frida" BE 18-5070717

BE 19-5082650 “Gwendolyn” Part 4 – N°1
A top hen in the national races with 2 x TOP 10 National ZoneGranddaughter “751”

The 2 youngest children of the sale are
BE 17-5132188 “Emma” Part 1 – N°13
BE 17-5023901 “Emiel” Part 1 – N°11

Movie "Emiel" BE 17-5023901

Movie "Emma" BE 17-5132188