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Bert & Roger Martens from Elsloo have with “Mathieu” and “Dumoulin” 2 golden racers on their lofts.

26 Apr 2021

The combination Martens & Zoon exists since the sixties, when Bert raced together with his father Harrie. After that Roger was born and Roger took over in 1989 from his grandfather when he passed away. For this colony only one thing counts and that’s winning and racing pigeons on races from the short distance to +650 km. Especially the NPO races have the preference where they also won very strong results the past few years with off course their unique stunt with the 1st and 2nd National Chateauroux in 2018 against 27,656b and this with two nest brothers. Super class of the highest level. That same super season they also won the Gouden Duif competition in Holland against all the best lofts on national level. 

National Chateauroux 

On the national holiday from Belgium, Holland had its National race Chateauroux. From Chateauroux to the lofts of Bert & Roger Martens it is exactly 548km. When you win here the 1st and 2nd against 27,656 pigeons nationally with 2 cocks out of the same nest you can truly speak of a stunt. 

NL 1748077-16 “Chateauroux I” won 1st National Chateauroux 27,656b and won before already 5 Gien 3,528b – 31 Montlucon 1,883b – 70 Issoudun 5,233b and 94 Lorris 15,148b. 

His nest brother NL 1748078-16 “Chateauroux” won the 2nd National Chateauroux 27,656b and also set some nice results before with 11 Issoudun 5,233b – 12 Argenton 3,555b – 71 Montlucon 1,883b and 90 Lorris 15,148b. 

When you look at the pedigree of these two you find top lofts from Belgium, father is 50% Jos & Jules Engels with strain “Argenton” 1st National Argenton where already so many other fanciers got lucky with and mother is 100% Gaby Vandenabeele via Anton Ruitenberg. An inbred to super breeder “781” who is a direct son to “Bliksem”.

Especially for the Herbots auction a full sister from this unique couple has been chosen out. 

NL 19-1099772 “Sister Chateauroux” is to be found in Lot 1 in the auction 


NL 15-1073110 Mathieu was a super racer himself and won 1 NPO Sezanne 6,648b , 1 Chalons 1,433b and 1 Charleville 1,189b.

Mathieu is bred out of their old strain x “Daughter Superman” which will be discussed later on in this article. “Superman” was coupled back then to “Daughter Witte As” from Jules and Jos Engels. 

After his racing career he went to the breeding loft where he became even better. He is father and grandfather to more than one top pigeon:
1 NPO Arlon 16,451b
1 Charleville   2,906b
1 Reims           1,362b
1 Sezanne       1,157b
1 Chalons           980b
2 Charleville   1,765b
2 Epernay           799b
5 NPO Sens      3,280b
19 Nat Fay Aux Loges 8,591b

There are 4 other pigeons out of this couple that win a 1st prize : 
NL 20-7025127 1 Rethel 1,749b
NL 17-1492538 1 Charleville 664b
NL 19-1099624 1 Melun 703b
NL 17-1492553 1 NPO La Souterraine 1,418b

In this auction you can find 2 children out of this super couple

NL 20-1683767 “Mathieux 767” and NL 20-1683768 “Brother Mathieu” 

The next 2 pigeons are unique couplings, top racer “Mathieu” coupled to the mother of the 1st and 2nd National Chateauroux 27,656 pigeons. 

NL 20-1683771” Son Mathieu” en “NL 20-1683772 “Daughter Mathieu” 


NL 08-1897414 “Son Superman” as we already mentioned above is the one and only base breeder of this colony and still fertilizes nevertheless he is already 13 years. He comes from Dennis Vleugelers and is a full brother to 1st National Blois against 33,709 pigeons. He is a son “Superman” who became 2nd National Ace bird Middle Distance in Holland who was coupled against his best hen who is a daughter to the 1st National Munchen. 

He is also grandfather to “Mathieu” and so many more. 

He is father and grandfather to 4 x 1st NPO ! Super class from 100-600km. 
1 NPO Sezanne             6,648b 289km
1 NPO Melun                  6,639b 336km
1 NPO Sens                    4,722b 356km
1 NPO La Souterraine  1,418b 612km
1          Marche               1,837b   85km
2 NPO Melun                 2,785b 336km
2 NPO Chateauroux    1,575b 548km

In this auction 2 unique children to “Son Superman” coupled top the nest sister from the mother to the 1st and 2nd National Chateauroux 27,656 pigeons. 

NL 20-1683777 “Superman 777” and NL 20-1683778 “Superman 778” 


NL 15-1073113 “Dumoulin” was the youngest topper and became the 3rd National Ace bird over 3 years Holland on the middle distance races. He won in total 8 x TOP 40 NPO and 15 x per 100-tal in his career. He is a true wonder racer where you can count on and now already gave 3 winners against more than 1,000 pigeons on the breeding loft. 

Palmaris Dumoulin
  2 NPO  Argenton               3,555b 578km
  9 NPO  Gien                        3,745b 427km
12 NPO   La Souterraine    1,240b 612km
23 NPO   Issoudun              5,233b 523km
23 NPO   La Souterraine    1,447b 612km
26 NPO   La Souterraine    1,725b 612km
32 NPO   Lorris                    5,520b 415km
39 NPO   Argenton             4,121b 578km

“Dumoulin” was coupled to “Asduifje” who won herself 1st Marche 1,250b and 4 NPO Melun 6,639b. “Asduifje” is a full sister to “Mathieu” who we talked about earlier in this article. 

In this auction 2 children from “Dumoulin” x “Asduifje”
NL 20-1683783 “Dumoulin 783” and NL 20-1683784 “Son Dumoulin” 


John V Heel ( NL )

Wins with a brother “Mathieu” 1 NPO La Souterraine 1,418b – 5 NPO Chateauroux 1,239b 

Jos Smeets ( Reuver – NL )

He bought a sister “Mathieu” who already became mother to  the “778/18”. He won 1 Marche 1,512b – 1 Sens 1,300b – 1 Rethel 702b – 2 Sens 1,240b – 7 NPO Sens 10,572b – 36 NPO Sens 11,622b – 42 NPO Sens 11,734b

Comb. Hulligie & Son ( NL )

They bought a son to “Mathieu” who already became father to 1 NPO Arlon 16,451b – 1 Rethel 1,054b – 1 Chalons 980b – 11 NPO Fay Aux Loges 3,948b – 46 Nat Chalons 14,000b

Family Post ( Kampen – NL )

This family bought a sister to “Mathieu” who became mother to 1 Bierges 1,313b and also bought a daughter to “Dumoulin” which became mother to “B-Front”. This one won 1 Moeskroen 853b – 27 Meer 3,128b – 39 Quievrain 10,268b – 99 Etrouengt 8,394b – 151 Niergnies 25,379b.

Who is the next one who can make a success with these golden breeding lines from the Martens family. Success guaranteed which has been proven more than once now. 

Buelens Kim