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Annick Goeteyn (Deinze) has a strong strain of pigeons with strong results and nice references !

15 Feb 2022

You can call them an "old hand" in the business. When you have more than 15 years of experience with a colony of pigeons and you support this year after year with very strong results, you are an expert. From 2006 till 2016, the pigeons were played in the name of Van Renterghem - Goeteyn, since 2017 in the name of Annick.
Where it was in the beginning a family hobby, this has now evolved into an almost complete day's work.  What typifies Annick in all this is her sense and striving for perfection and this as well in care, guidance, approach etc... It must be in order or she can't sleep. Annick loves her animals.
The lofts are always cosy and spic and span, the pigeons always look top-notch and the time-schedule is strictly applied and respected. Nothing is left to chance. Not easy to do this day in and day out with a considerable number of pigeons. Here it is clear that both the caretaker and the pigeons do their utmost to achieve the best results. To realise all this, she can count on the support of her partner Christian.

The golden Vandenabeele stamp
The story is well enough known by now. In Deinze, they took a flying start right from the beginning, as it were. How is that possible? Well, when you can start with the best pigeons which were available at that moment in the pigeon world, namely the pigeons of Gaby Vandenabeele from Dentergem, coupled with a great motivation, this is possible.  The proof was delivered here.  They started almost 100% with the pigeons of Gaby and the train was immediately on the rails.  At the moment, the colony exists out of 90% Vandenabeele-pigeons with occasionally a bit of foreign blood.
On some lofts some pigeons were added, but the mainline is still the Vandenabeele-pigeon.  For distances from 100 km till 700 km, this is a strain that formed the basis for many lofts. Just look at the top performances on several lofts and you will regularly find the pigeons of Gaby in the pedigree and this ranging from national victories to ace pigeons to top breeders.  A strain that is still going strong in the pigeon world with a laundry list of top references.
Annick's pigeon loft consists of about 30 permanent breeding couples and a number of support couples. The racing team of yearlings and old pigeons consists of 37 hens and 35 cocks. They are played on widowhood with a partner who stays at home.  With 150 youngsters, which are played on nest, the future is prepared.

Captain Blue en Nancy, een koppel om van te dromen

From the pigeons of Gaby, there are only a few pigeons here in Deinze that have no top prizes in their offspring. However, one combination stands out, namely Captain Blue x Nancy. Captain Blue was a beautiful inbreeding son of the world famous Bliksem. After so many years, Bliksem can be called one of the strongest progenitors in pigeon history.

Captain Blue coupled with Nancy was for Annick's strain the basic strain that produced many very good pigeons.

From this a number of basic couples arose such as :
“Orlando” (son Captain Blue x Nancy) x “Nicofelia”
“Vertigo” (grandson Wittenbuik) x “Lieske” (daughter Captain Blue x Nancy) who built up the Gabor-line.
“Tauber” (grandson Wittenbuik) x “Lieske” (daughter Captain Blue x Nancy) who later created Memphis, Kim,.....
“Tsaby” x “Kim” (parents of e.g. 1st national Guéret 2011) and parents and grandparents of top pigeons on our own loft but even more on other lofts.

What is so special about the Vandenabeele pigeons?  To this question Annick answers that they are very strong breeders which can easily be crossed with other bloodlines.  Moreover, they are naturally strong pigeons that easily fly at the top. What more could you want as a player?

It may also be said that Annick is very selective on the build of the pigeon. The performance is decisive but to get a permanent place on the breeding loft, they also have to be almost perfect in the hand.  This can also be seen in the offspring, all of them beautiful pigeons, with a soft plume, a spacious wing and a strong carcass.

Lickety-split references
There is no greater pleasure as a pigeon fancier than to see others succeed with your pigeons. A phone call that a pigeon from your loft or offspring is flying head on gives you figurative wings to scratch every day and give the best of yourself to take the best care of them. It is a special kind of pride and an incredible stimulation. Here's what can be presented from Deinze:

Gaby Vandenabeele (Dentergem)
“Super Romeo” 1st Nat. ace LD Yearlings KBDB 2013. Mother of “Super Romeo” Nicky was bred by Annick.

Phillipe Dobbelaere (Olsene)
3rd Nat. ace ZWHF 2017 KBDB. The father (Emerson) was bred by Annick.
3rd Nat. ace LD 2021 KBDB bred from Emerson.

Olivier & Justin Poussart (Vaulx-lez-Chimay)
4th Nat. ace Heavy HG yearlings KBDB 2019. Mother of this pigeon (The Nanncy) was bred in Deinze.

Dirk & Bart Delodder (Waregem)
1st National Argenton 11,215 pigeons 2015
Mother (Renate) was bred by Annick.

Renate” (daughter Orlandor) appears to be a top breeding hen and is mother of  
1st Ace LD club Eeklo 2017 (Gevaert - Lannoo)
2nd Prov. Clermont 15,097 pigeons (Dirk x Bart Delodder)
3e Prov. Blois 2380 pigeons (Dirk x Bart Delodder)
3rd Prov.Orleans 2445 pigeons (Gevaert - Lannoo)
5th Prov. Bourges 3385 pigeons (Gevaert - Lannoo)

Renate' is grandmother of 'Enable'.
1st Nat. Argenton 5,159 pigeons 2019(Gevaert - Lannoo)
1st Prov. Chateauroux 4085 pigeons 2014(Dirk x Bart Delodder)
3rd Nat.Chateauroux 21515 pigeons 2014(Dirk x Bart Delodder)

Castermans - Maes (Dilsen Stokkem)
4th Nat. Chateauroux 12150 pigeons 2017 with granddaughter Lieske, foundation hen in Deinze.

Georges & Laurens Gijzelbrecht (Knesselare)
1st Prov. Chateauroux 6312 pigeons 2017
2nd Nat. Chateauroux 26771 pigeons 2017
2nd fastest pigeon Chateauroux 47286 2017
Mother of this pigeon was bred at Annick as a granddaughter of Cartier, she is also a granddaughter of Vertigo

Nordin Van Quathem (Machelen-Zulte)
Owns with Speedy Nick a super pigeon. The father of this pigeon is a direct pigeon of Annick's loft. And with Speedy Nick the story is not over yet, also a little hen has achieved very strong results. 

Dhaenens – De Block (Merelbeke)
“Gabick” was head man of the team that won 6th national champion KBDB long distance 2020 (4th provincial champion KBDB long distance 2020). Gabick was bred out of daughter G-boy (son Rudy) x Blue Nancy.

Marc De Ketele (Bavikhove)
1st Prov. Brive 1055 pigeons
3rd Nat. Brive 4187 pigeons 2018
3rd Nat. Tulle 7155 pigeons 2019
Mother is granddaughter Orlandor x Beauty Kim

Guy Van Huynegem (Brussegem)
1e Prov. Salbris 2420 pigeons 2019
Parents of this pigeon 100% bred at Annick.

Undoubtedly there are still some nice results flying around at home and abroad that descend from this strong breeding loft, but the preceding list is already very impressive in itself.

Some toppers and basic pigeons
Hereafter a few top pigeons that make the beautiful weather both on the breeding and racing loft.  Pay special attention to the performance of some racers !


Especially for internet auction Pigeon Bids Annick selected a group of championbirds all born out the best breeding lines of her loft