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17 Jan 2020



FUGARE 2020 celebrates its 10th edition and welcomes over 100 exhibitors and suppliers from over more than 15 countries on this anniversary edition. After 10 years, FUGARE has become the international pigeon event of the year.  Be sure to save the date: 8 & 9 February 2019 in Kortrijk Xpo.  


Once again FUGARE unites all suppliers and branches of the pigeon sport.  Manufacturers of feed and pigeon supplements present their latest developments and feed mixes. This includes companies such as Vanrobaeys, Herbots, Beyers but also Giantel, where Dr Stijn Rans won the prestigious pigeon race in Barcelona against 16,051 pigeons in 2019.   

Lofts and aviary builders such as Demster and MPS Aluminium show their latest creations. Information and medical advice can be sought from various veterinarians such as BIFS, Belgica Deweerdt, Carrefour du Pigeon, ... who have their own stand at the fair. You will also find suppliers of pigeon rings and the latest GPS Tracking systems at the FUGARE fair. All this complemented by conveyor belts, luggage carriers, young pigeon lofts, containers, widowers' lofts, heating systems, drinking systems and pigeon photography.


Of course, we cannot hold a pigeon fair without pigeons. The fair is again collecting several top enthusiasts and breeding centres at the fair including national flag bearers such as Annemie Vanhee, Marc Polin, Emiel Denys, Gino Clique Racing Pigeons and Joël Verschoot Pigeons, who stunned the pigeon world last year with the sale of wonder pigeon "Armando" who now enjoys worldwide fame. But also enthusiasts from the Netherlands and other countries will be present with their pigeons, such as Jaap van Alphen, Pigeon World, etc. ... The complete overview can be found on

Moreover, FUGARE also presents more than 10 one loft races that colour the international fair with awards ceremonies of races from all over the world: Thailand, Poland, Zimbabwe, Bulgaria, Spain, Portugal, Romania, Tenerife and Portugal 


Info sessions 

Pigeon sport is a sport in motion! To provide visitors with the latest information about their sport, vets hold several information sessions. Dr. Pascal Laneau will give a lecture on the "New trends in pigeon medicine", and Dr. Emanuel Leyssens will give a lecture on "Doping and recuperation". This last session is exclusively held in French and is aimed at enthusiasts from France who have received a lot of new guidelines in recent years, but also national enthusiasts can learn something from it.  

History of the Belgian pigeon sport 

At FUGARE pigeon sport historian Tom Aerts will once again organise a beautiful and extensive exhibition under the title "Geschiedenis van de Belgische duivensport" (History of Belgian pigeon racing). Have you always wanted to know where, when and how the modern pigeon sport originated, what the first pigeon clocks looked like, whether observation thimbles always consisted of 2 parts, how transport and release took place at the beginning of the last century, how pigeons were identified in 1900,...? Then you should definitely take a look at this exhibition. By the way, do you have a utensil of which you don't know how and if it still works? Be sure to bring it with you and discover the true nature of the item at FUGARE. 

On top of that, also the Flemish youth clubs, BCK pigeon inspections, the Belgian KBDB and numerous presidents from various countries will be present! 

FUGARE ensures you a full-day programme! See you on Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 February 2020 at hall 6 of Kortrijk Xpo (B). More information on  

Practical information: 

Days and opening hours: 

Saturday 8 February 2020 from 9:00 am to 18:00 pm

Sunday 9 February 2020 from 9:00 am to 15:00 pm

Kortrijk Xpo, Doorniksesteenweg 216, 8500 Kortrijk (Belgium)

Hall 6 

Entrance fee:

10.00 EUR per person.

Women and children <12 years old can enter for free.