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Ariën-De Keyser (Tielt-WInge): 1st National Souillac 4,144 old birds - fastest 8,751b.

“The endless ambition will know his successes”… was our last sentence out of the report about Ariën-De Keyser when they won the national victory on the first long distance race of season 2021. And see…at the last long distance race of the season the tandem scored as no other and places their name back again in the spotlight. Not only the national palm was won in both categories but they’ve put a sublime top result on paper. Please do enjoy along : 
Souillac nat. 4,144 old: 1-6-194-211 and so on…
Souillac nat. 4,571 yearlings: 1-6-16-21-22-24-51-54-113 and so on…
And this makes national victory n° 8 and n° 9 a fact!

“Miss Million 595” B19-4184595
1st National Souillac 4,144 old

Pascal, a top manager as he is, knows his pigeons and something makes us think that he perfectly knew how he could motivate his “Miss Million 595”. Pascal gave her in the corner of the loft a turned upside down carton box as extra territory and “Miss Million 595” didn’t put up with a single feather in the neighbourhood of her box. Manager Pascal rewarded her by putting her ringnumber at the top of the basketing list and she confirmed the presumption of Pascal by bringing home the national victory.
Before she already won: 
1st Nationaal Souillac 4,144b.
20th Nationaal Tulle 5,067b
30th Nat (z) Brive 1,655b
52nd Nat. (z) Bourges 4,514b.
56th Nat. Chateauroux 7,099b.
127th Nat. Argenton 26,085b.
187th Nat. Chateauroux 24,617b

By the way… “Miss Million 595” is a full sister to the 2nd National ace bird Long distance KBDB 2020…the apple doesn’t fall far from the three. 

“Klaas Johannes” B20-4157723
1st National Souillac 4,571 yearlings 

De primus at the yearlings. A guy with a special character as he didn’t have a hen in his entire live. Pascal tells ‘most of the time he sits on a chapel in the aviary, watching all the others but before the basketing of Souillac I noticed that he was looking in a nest dish but when a hen flew into his box he chased her immediately out. He went into the basket as 9th signed as despite his bachelorhood he already won:
1st National Souillac 4,571b.
17th Nat (z) Chateauroux 1,132b.
23rd Nat (z) Bourges 3,333b.
55th Nat. Limoges 9,218b.

“Klaas Johannes” has a pedigree out of the thousand. This is how is a grandson to following famous pigeons : “Golden Prince” (Clicque – 1st Nat. ace bird KBDB Long distance yearlings ’14) – “New Kim” (Van de Wouwer – 1st Nat. ace bird KBDB greater middle distance youngsters ’18) and “Nadine” (Daniëls Willy – 1st Nat. ace bird greater middle distance yearlings ’17)

In total 120 pigeons are being raced on total widowhood. No winter breeding with the racing team but were coupled on the 29th of March, could breed during 10 days and were placed on widowhood from then on and could do their first training races. 
In a matter of care Pascal trusts fully in the food of Matador. At arrival from a race they get Racing mixture + Turbo + grit + minerals until Sunday morning. On Sunday morning the pigeons don’t get any food and the cocks and hens are all being placed in the aviaries. On Sunday evening at 17h they get Detox. From Monday until the day of basketing they get Racing + Turbo. The last meal it is Boarding Mix. 
In a medical way they are being treated before the start of the season during 6 days against trichomoniases and afterwards they work with the known yellow drops over the food. Pollen grains are being solved in warm water and got over the Detox.

Pascal and Lieve…congratulations and go for national victory number 10…it is really granted. 

"Miss Million 595"
1st National Souillac 4,144 old birds - fastest 8,751b.

Distance: 717km
Velocity: 1619.63 m/m


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