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Pintér Zsolt: 6 Olympic pigeon in 2022 and 12 overall since 2010

25 Jan 2023

Pintér Zsolt, 44, is a familiar name to many as he is a regular participant in the Racing to series and has been pigeon racing with great results for a long time. He started pigeon racing with his father and brother in 1992 under the name Pinter and Sons.
In addition to several national championships, they won a world championship and their pigeon won second place in the One Million Dollar Pigeon Race in South Africa. After a very successful period, he started pigeon racing on his own in 2009. He obtained the majority of his pigeons through numerous trips to Belgium and the Netherlands. The backbone of his stock is the continuation of the family pigeons and the creation of new lines. 
He has visited every pigeon world star to learn, gain experience, and buy pigeons and has never hesitated. The foundations of his current stock consist of pigeons from sensational breeders such as Gaby Vandenabeele, Herbots Fam., Eijerkamp Fam., Jan van de Pasch, C&G Koopman, Dirk van den Bulck, Leo Heremans, Günter Prange and Peter van de Merwe! In Hungary, old pigeons usually only have 12 races in total, so Olympic results can be particularly valued as a pigeon does not have many opportunities to make mistakes. 
It is important to mention that he achieves his results while working a full time job as well as a part-time pigeon racer. The weather can be quite hot in the summer, so it is not uncommon for pigeons to have to fight in races of 35 degrees or more. He races 24 males and 24 females in total. He tries to use the least possible supplements because he believes the most important thing is the right genetic background. His pigeons have to perform in races of 150-700 km, so only the toughest ones remain. A very important selection requirement is that pigeons are able to win prizes in southerly wind and calm air in high heat. In addition to his own line, Gerard Koopman's half-brother Adora's male Bukta was one of the basic pigeons and has numerous national prize-winning and ace pigeon offspring. Furthermore, he incubated Harvard and Rihanna, the half-siblings of Rick Cools' miracle hen Marieke. Both pigeons represented their country in the Olympics. Rihanna raced at two different olympics. Harvard Jr., the son of Harvard, competed in the Olympics in Poznan, and his daughter, Lotte, represented Hungary in the 2022 Olympics in Romania. Harvard's father is the super breeder Piet, who is also the father of Al Capone. Al Capone was a national first ace pigeon and a bronze medalist in the Central European Cup. He is the ancestor to numerous super pigeons, such as being the grandfather of Amanda. Amanda, who can also be found at the auction, also represented Hungary in the 2022 Olympics. Amanda's mother is the super breeder hen Lisa, who is the granddaughter of Leo Heremans' Safier, which he purchased for 270,000 euros. One of the standout breeders in recent years is the grizzle Bulck male from Dirk van den Bulck, which was bred by the P&D English breeding pair. This miracle male's son, Silver Wing, became a national first ace pigeon and qualified for the 2022 Olympics. The nest sister of this male also became a national first ace pigeon in the general category of sporting pigeons and won a national first prize, qualifying for the 2022 Olympics. Another offspring of Grizzle Bulck became a national second ace pigeon in the G category of sporting pigeons in 2022. The super long-distance hen Surprise can also be found on the auction and has a brilliant pedigree and fantastic long-distance racing results and she was olimpic pigeon in 2022 long distance. She has many promising offspring for long distances. The paternal side is dominated by the world-renowned New Freddy line. New Freddy is the grandfather of Porsche 911… On the maternal side, there is an original black hen from Peter van de Merwe with excellent results. Surprise particularly enjoyed tough races and performed brilliantly


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