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  • 29 Jul 2019 00:00
  • 05 Jul 2019 09:50
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Barcelona, the story of eternal fame when you can add this race onto your palmaris. The past few years a race that is becoming harder and harder, one that takes longer then one day but when in the end the winner is the clear winner on this race, you just have to say, chapeau to the winners ! This edition it are the brothers Stijn & Jeroen Rans from the Wijgmaal. Not a coincidence at all when you know that they already won in 2017 the 1st National Pau and 1st National Perpignan in very hard circumstances and dominated Perpignan TOP 100 national. In 2018 they just continued at this speed and won 2nd national Valence with a ½ sister of the Barcelona winner. And now we get to the real topper of this colony namely “Jef” 2051063/2016. His name used to be ‘Ace 63’ but is being baptised ‘Jef’ now. As a 2-year old cock he showed what he had to offer and this was racing twice Top 100 National on an overnight long distance. He became due to this achievement 1st Ace bird in their club Sans Peur Herent and the 3rd Provincial Ace bird on the Extreme Long Distance. This was their best old pigeon in 2018 as he could take on anything in very hard circumstances. That’s also why they decided to go to Barcelona only with their best once to be able to celebrate. And this is something you can’t get around as ‘Jef’ was clocked at 11:06:59 and at that time the world stood still in Wijgmaal. As there were only a few pigeons clocked in France at that moment. In Belgium he also had 1h30 lead against the 2nd pigeon in Belgium and these two pigeons would also become the 2 first International pigeons, Belgium on top Internationally as no less than 3 Belgium pigeons made it within the TOP 5 International and above you could see ‘Jef’ shining after his amazing achievement.

The entire family Rans supports this pigeon happening, father Rudi together with his 2 sons and as extra motivation also the grandchildren.

Nest game is the red wire

They race both cocks as hens but only on nest. They are being separated after the season around half of September and will only see each other again around the 20th of April. Train them slowly in Spring is the message here with as goal to be able to shine from end of June until beginning of August on the Long Distance. Only ‘Jef’ could come onto eggs after the season as he did have a wonderful season. Also during training they don’t see each other as they are being trained separately. As from the 20th of April they get to know each other and do everything to be able to give them to the important race when they are breeding 10 to 12 days.

What did this Barcelona racer do towards this race?

The pigeons have a Momignies and 2x Soissons, then mostly middle distance and Vierzon. He also race Valence, another Soissons and Nanteuil. The goal is that all pigeons have a race every week, only when it was extremely hot they skipped one. They tossed them twice after each other at 40 km which we also did twice again with our Barcelona team the week before basketing..

So especially training is very important for the successes up here?

Yes, indeed, our pigeons have to train long and hard despite the nest game, but once they get the habit of it they do it without a problem. They have to train twice a day for 1h15 but they do this entirely freely.

The pigeons also are being enlightened after the longest day on the 21st of June to keep this up until Perpignan.

What about the motivation ?

We moved ‘Jef’ past Winter to another loft, we took the decision to move him to the Barcelona team and here he looked for a new box to make his own. But 4 weeks prior to basketing something had changed, the kids hammered two boxes who were on top of each other and ‘Jef’ made them immediately his own. Territory and motivation was top and they started to build a nest into it and was basketed while breeding.

Not as 1st signed, which initially was the plan but on a training race the week before he came home much later as the other and decided to give confidence to their best Barcelona pigeon to get home first.

You see that real extra ordinary pigeons to something special or show on the loft to rise above the others.

2051063/2016 Jef Blue cock
1 Ace bird Extreme Long Distance Sans Peur Herent 2018
3 Prov Ace bird Extreme Long Distance old KBDB Vlaams-Brabant 2018

1 I.NAT Barcelona ’19 16,051b
35 NAT Perpignan ’18 3,966b
81 NAT St.Vincent ’18 2,758b
287 NAT Jarnac ’17 5,117b
391 NAT Cahors ’18 6,356b

Father: 2324365/2014 ‘Eddy’ – Direct Eddy Fabre

Gr.F. 2307472/2003 Chequered Barcelona
Won 57 Nat Barcelona ’07 12,612b
Son to “Apollo” Gaston Devooght who won ao. 12 Nat Pau ’06
41 Nat Castres and 96 Nat Marseille x “614/97”
Gr.M. 2072731/2011
Daughter to “291/08” Desbuquois x “674/04” Barc 1

Mother 2022116/2010 ‘De 116 Duivin’
Super breeding hen
Mother to “Chanti” 2 Nat Valence 7,682b ‘17
Mother to “Jacques” 25 Nat Narbonne ’15

Gr.F. 2018115/2008 Last Son Montauban
Son to “380/92” De Montauban Base breeder x “666/05”
De Barcelona Hen 1 Int. Nat Ace bird Barcelona 2007-2012
Gr.M. 2207025/2009
Daughter to “477/01” Blauwe fondvlieger x “053/08” Blauw Cooper x
Collier – Swinnen


The entire colony get the mixtures from Paloma. The racing pigeons get a good solid moulting mixture when they are moulting. Once the moulting is over they go a bit deeper and work on the natural strength of the pigeons. They only get barley and not even that much per pigeon. What is wrong in Winter can’t be good in Summer. They keep on this schedule until February and change onto Black Relax from Paloma until the further races are coming. From the moment they are on nest, the food is even more important, they get to eat 3x a day because the hens who come onto the nest in the afternoon also need food. The mixtures they get now exist out of 50% D100 – 25% Marathon Booster and 25% Black Relax or Super Diet. As extra’s they get a lot of mixed peanuts mixed under the food.

The last 3 days, the pigeons who go onto a race, get an extra pot in their box this with Marathon Booster, peanuts, corn and hemp.

As last they get alternating one day red stone and grit or Multi Power Mix from Paloma and the other day egg food.


In a medical way all relays on Stijn Rans, as a veterinary he takes care of all the medication, food and side products. The racing pigeons were being cured against trichomoniases and ornithoses the end of April / beginning of May. Afterwards they get every fortnight yellow drop in their drinking water and get all the pigeons before basketing for an extreme long distance race 2 cocci tricho pills. At home coming recuperation is the most important issue and get immediately a protein pill from Beute or K&K Protein. During the week they get 3x Vita Gold together with Recovery from Giantel over their food.

A big congratulations to the entire family Rans with their icing on the cake in their still youthful career from the entire Herbots Team.