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Walter Van der Meulen from Sirjansland (Netherlands) wins 1st National Barcelona 4,832 pigeons

20 Nov 2023

The treasury of Sirjansland at Barcelona, ​​Walter Van der Meulen from the Netherlands shines year after year at Barcelona and in 2023 it was a complete success. His top hen “Bont 760” was present at her home base in Zeeland at 5:21 am, which could make a dream come true. At that moment she was 1st National Barcelona in the Netherlands and she kept this lead very easily, she was 27 m/min faster than the 2nd pigeon in the Netherlands, which in itself is an exceptional achievement. Walter's 2nd pigeon, which was clocked at 8:52 am, was the father of this top hen. Many people would think they are crazy, but Walter plays with the pigeons and they have to fly here until they deliver a real fantastic performance. That is what this father and daughter must have thought and whoever can win 1st and 49th National in a tough edition of Barcelona is on the right track.

The winner herself “Bonte 760” also won the 165th National Barcelona against 4,832 pigeons in 2022 and her father is an inbred product to stock father “Superbreeder 823” and is a grandson of “Crack 61”. The mother of “Bonte 760” is a daughter of “116”, this super breeding hen is mother and grandmother of 4 x 1st National and was usually the permanent partner of stock father “Superbreeder 823”.

By the way, this is the 4th National victory thanks to the blood of super breeder “823” and in the long term I think that Walter will be in good hands here and elsewhere with this bloodline.

The year before, Pieter Goeree won 1st National Barcelona against 4,842 pigeons (4th Int.Nat 16,897p), again in very tough weather. The mother of this topper is a direct hen from Walter and is a daughter of “Crack 061” who is a real super breeder and is a granddaughter of “Friezin” 9th National Barcelona 6,909 pigeons in also a very tough edition. The 58th National Barcelona is also a granddaughter of “Crack 061” and comes from the same coupling. Once again success at the highest level thanks to Van der Meulen breed.

Top results extreme long distance in own lofts

1 National Barcelona 4.832 old birds 2023
1 National Ace Pigeon Barcelona Netherlands 2021-2022
1 National Bergerac 23,728 pigeons in 2019
2 International Ace Pigeon Barcelona 2021-2022
4 National Bordeaux 9,852 old in 2018
5 National Barcelona 4,919 old in 2021
5 National Perpignan 5,589 old in 2015
7 National Bordeaux 13,348 pigeons in 2020
7 National Perigeux 4,921 old in 2018
8 National Perpignan 5,589 old in 2015
8 National Perigeux 4,921 old in 2018
9 National Barcelona 6,909 old in 2013
10 National Barcelona 5,422 old in 2014
17 National Barcelona 3,912 old in 2018
18 National Perigeux 13,348 pigeons
19 National Barcelona 4,919 old in 2021
20 National Barcelona 4,132 old in 2019
26 National Perpignan 5,589 old in 2015
32 National Barcelona 4,504 old in 2017
42 National Barcelona 4,842 old in 2022
45 National Bordeaux 8,815 pigeons
49 National Barcelona 4.832 old birds 2023
66 National Barcelona 3,912 old in 2018
70 National Barcelona 4,919 old in 2021
82 National Barcelona 4,919 old in 2021
89 National Barcelona 4,129 old in 2019

Top references in other lofts in recent years 2 x 1st + 1 x 2nd NATIONAL ( 2018-2022 )

1st National Barcelona 4,842 old birds in 2022 ( Pieter Goeree )
1st National Barcelona 3,932 old birds in 2018 ( JL De Bruine )
2nd National Barcelona 4,132 old birds in 2019 ( JL De Bruine )

Breeding base 

Since 1992 Walter went direction the marathon races where he really fell in love with. The first real successes come from Jan Ernest and Janssens Hausoul, or 2 world famous lofts with a strain to bow for. Next to these the strain is accomplished with pigeons from Paul & Luc Bramel and Comb. Rekker Westra. But especially the first old strain is still doing amazingly well in the current top pigeons where now especially the strain of the “823” stands out really clear 

NL 05-0503823 A chequered white pin cock was ringed with an old ring and moved really quickly to the breeding loft. His mother is a direct Janssens Hausoul

Father to the 8th National Perpignan
Father to “061/08” 44th National Dax 8,728b 
Grandfather to “El Cid” 1se National Barcelona ’18 3,932b
Grandfather to “De Bergerac” 1st National Bergerac ’19 23,728b
Grandfather to 7 Nat Perigeux 13,348b
Grandfather to “264/18” 49 National Barcelona 4.832 old birds in 2023
Great-grandfather to 1st National Barcelona 4.842 old birds in 2022
Great-grandfather to “Mr.Fit Barcelona” 2nd National Barcelona ’19 4,132b
Great-grandfather to “Bonte 760” 1 Nationaal Barcelona 4.832 old birds 2023


NL 23-2328958 “Daughter 823”

A daughter of stock father “Superbreeder 823” who was coupled with a full sister of 1st National Bergerac 23,728 pigeons and a daughter of “Crack 061” which is again a son of “Superbreeder 823”

Twice Number 1 with “Barcelona Girl” and “Bergerac”Barcelona girl

This top hen was the 1st pigeon in the Van der Meulen house in 2 very tough editions. This in itself is very wonderful without mentioning the real results. So in 2021 she won 5th National Barcelona '21 against 4,919 pigeons ( 41 I.Nat 16,485p ) and now 42nd National against 4,842 pigeons ( 86 Int.Nat 16,832p ).

This hen was bred by J & T Nobels, her mother is a granddaughter of Chris van der Velden's "Super Vanoppen". This stock cock became the father of 2-4-13-16-18-21-25-29 national and grandfather of 6-7-7-8-17-22 national. Early flying nationally is simply in the genes here.

Den Bergerac

The class pigeon NL 18-3821227 won 1st National Bergerac as a yearling against 23,728 pigeons at a distance of 802km. With this his place in the breeding loft was safe. His half-brother also flew 7th National Perigeux 13,348 pigeons in 2018. In other words, the golden family of the Van der Meulen family

NL 18-3821227 Den Bergerac
Won 1st National Bergerac 23,728b ’19 802km

Father NL 08-3803061 Den 061
Won 44 Nat Dax 8,728 pigeons
Top breeder
Sire of 7 Nat Perigeux 13.348p
Brother “NL 11-335” Grandmother “Mr.Fit” 2 Nat Barcelona 4.132p
Brother 8 Nat Perpignan
Brother “NL 08-061” Father “Bergerac” 1 Nat Bergerac 23.728b Walter Van der Meulen

Gr.F. NL 05-0503823 Stock father 823 - Walter Van der Meulen
          Son of “NL 03-511” x “NL 06-210” Janssen Hausoul
Gr.M. NL 07-3708116 Superke 116 - Walter Van der Meulen
           Daughter of “NL 02-852” 2 Prov Bordeaux x “NL 99-490” Jan Ernest

Mother NL 12-1369807 Light Checkered – Jan Ernest
Super breeding hen and mother of 5 TT Pigeons provincial
Mother of 18 Nat Perigeux 13.348p – 45 Nat Bordeaux 8.815p – 89 Nat Barcelona 4.129p

Gr.F. NL 10-1418970 Blue – Jan Ernest – Grandson Beggar
Gr.M. NL 09-1294649 Checkered White Feather – Jan Ernest – Granddaughter Dokus

In this auction a son of this top racer “Bergerac” x “Barcelona Girl” 1st National x 1st National Ace Pigeon

NL 23-2328963 “Golden Bergerac”

Crack 061

The other star is of course “Crack 061” who won 44th National Dax against 8,728 pigeons and his descendants have won 3 x 1st National.

Here is a child of “Crack 061” with super hen “Daughter Friezin”.
This is a full brother of “784/19” who became mother of 1st National Barcelona 2022 against 4,842 pigeons from Pieter Goeree.

NL 23-2328955 “Crack 955”

Walter, congratulations on these unique results from the entire HERBOTS TEAM.

Buelens Kim