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The marathon love of Gerard Koopman

20 Feb 2024

Some time ago we already wrote an extensive report about the class of the Koopman pigeons on the one-day long distance races. But Koopman pigeons are more than that because also on the marathon races and the international one-loft races the Koopman pigeons score like no other. 

Thanks to marathon phenomenon "Red Bullens" 

Gerard and extra ordinary breeding/racing pigeons…in one way or the other they always seem to find each other…the past has proven this more than once. Also when Gerard started to focus on the marathon happening he was looking for and found the ‘white blackbird’…namely “Red Bullens”.

“Red Bullens” NL07-3704851 – was bred and raced by Bullens. His palmaris is more than impressive with as absolute headliners: 

1             NPO Bergerac 2011        4,288b.
2             NPO Bordeaux 2008       5,038b.
2             NPO Bergerac 2010        4,651b.

Important to know is that this red top pigeon is born in a family of winners. His father is a full brother of the “975”. The “975” is father of “Rooie Duuk”, 2nd Olympiad pigeon Marathon Dortmund ’09. The grandfather from “Red Bullens” won 6th National St. Vincent and 69th National Barcelona. 

But … and now here it is…when the “Red Bullens” moved as a 4-year old cock to Emerveen, he showed himself immediately as a true top breeder: 

He is, coupled to different hens, father of several promising marathon pigeons, but two that really stand out are “Noel” and “Leonidas”. 

“Noel” NL11-1185771 from “Red Bullens” x “Peiren 671” (original Noël Peiren)
Won:     1st Ace bird NFC Marathon 2013
2             Cahors                      977b.               1,031km
24           Limoges                1,051b.                   861km
24           Bergerac                 929b.                   992km
754         St. Truiden         10,715b.                 240km               
893         Gennep                10,818b.                 130km

“Leonidas” NL12-1076994 from “Red Bullens” x “Miss Anke” (original Hermans-Hoekstra)
Won      1st National ace bird Marathon WHZB/TBOTB 2014

1             St. Vincent              523b.               1,176km
2             Bergerac              1,739b.                  992km
24           Limoges                1,108b.                  861km
980         St. Truiden         10,715b.                 240km               
849         Chalons                 6,639b.                  130km

No wonder that both “Noel” as “Leonidas” got a ticket direction breeding box. 


From the pairing "Red Bullens" x "Sadira" (sister of famous "Miss Waalre") were born "Maximus" and "Adar".

"Maximus" NL12-4703486
4th Nat.ace Sector IV Cat. Marathon '17              
6th National ace Fondspiegel Marathon '14-'17
1st Limoges Sector V against 2,166b.

"Adar" won: 2 Nat. ace Fondspiegel Marathon '14-'17

Out of the pairing "Red Bullens" x "Peiren 531" (a half sister of "Magic Barcelona") "Elza" was born.
"Elza" NL16-4783369 Won: 2 Orange 405b. - 3 Perigueux 1.004b. 

And what was to be expected happened. The unique genes of "Red Bullens" were also continued in the 2nd generation. 

So "Noel" , coupled to "Miss Anke", father of 

"Phidippides" NL15-1230917
Olympiad bird Marathon Poznan '18 
1 Limoges 825b. 
1 Ruffec 741b. 
3 Cahors 769b. 
4 St. Vincent 404b.

And coupled to "Peiren 514" is "Noel" father of:

"Henderikus" NL16-4784186

Won: 2nd National ace NPO Marathon '18
2 Orange 948b. - 2 Bergerac 559b. - 4 Perigueux 1,004b. 


And coupled to "Peiren 276 is "Noel" father of:

 “De Staart” NL14-4750653
Won: : 1st Cahors 407b. – 2nd Orange 338b. - 44th Limoges 922b. – 414th Sens 4,237b. - 
and so on
“De Staart” is vader van:
Peiren’s Best”: 1st Limoges 1,211b. 
“Haile”: 2nd Bergerac 376b.
715-19”: 2nd Cahors 600b. – 10th 
Bergerac 1,062b.
929-20”: 18th Bergerac 1,630b. - 
21st Agen 444b.
Cleas”: 20th Perigueux 770b. – 31st 
Bergerac 1,303b.

What was the basis for this challenge? 
Marathon races ask for marathon birds.  With the purchase of "Red Bullens" our marathon project suddenly accelerated. The family of the "Red Bullens" brought more horsepower and the real "marathon grinta" came with the purchase of direct Peiren Noël (Zedelgem -B), and Hermans-Hoekstra (top hen "Miss Anke") pigeons. We have the feeling that "the whole project" clicks perfectly. New investments are made on a regular basis. We bought "Walter" through family Herbots. "Walter" (original P.W.A. Van der Meulen) won at De Bruine the 1st National Barcelona '18 against 3,932b. at a distance of 1,151km. Internationally he scored the 4th prize against 15,700 Barcelona racers. 

Exclusively for Pigeon Bids, Gerard offers 20 magnificent pigeons from his marathon winners!

This internet auction ends wednesday 21 February 2024 at 2 p.m. (c.e.t.)