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Rino Verheye from Aalbeke clocked fastest pigeon from Chateaudun against 7,278 pigeons

24 May 2023

We know what achievements Rino Verheye's colony is capable of and at Chateaudun it was bingo last weekend. He wins 1,6 and 7 against 7,278 old and yearlings together and is therefore the fastest of them all. Hard weather and then they are at their best. The yearlings who defend the majority of the racing team came super well and show here that they are ready for it. After making one of the best seasons ever last season, this colony is ready to shine again in the upcoming national races. Here we present to you the first 3 pigeons, which again all come from the pure basis of this colony with “Jommeke” and stock pair “Benny Hill” x “Emillia” as common thread.

Results from last 2 weekends

20/05 Chateaudun Prov 7.278 old + yls 1,6,7,25,55,69,71,87,150,215,221,330,410,418,435,… 28/37
           Chateaudun Prov 4.007  yls : 1,6,7,16,30,36,38,84,123,227,229,240,389,402,… 25/31
           Chateauroux Prov 5.076 old birds : 8,51,237,532,… 10/11
13/05 Orléans Prov 13.159 old + yls : 44,56,78,86,158,164,205,303,557,583,606,639,… 32/45
            Orléans Prov 5.857 yls : 25,35,45,52,87,148,260,277,287,307,… 20/29

Top 3 from Chateaudun 

BE 22-3027356 Paulus Cock

  1 Prov Chateaudun     7.278p
  2 Fontenay                      381p
11 Comb.                        2.232p
  2 Montoire                       448p
12 Comb.                        3.730p
  6 Clermont                   1.209p
14 Clermont                   1.518p
18 Montoire                       643p

Father BE 21-3061173 Oasis
Nest brother of 1st Prov Chateauroux 3,406p
Son of “Nirvana” x “Jenny” is full sister 1 Nat Chateauroux 8,501p ( fastest of 21,443p ) by Anthony Maes

Mother BE 21-3061172 Odessa
Daughter of “Hector” won self 33 Nat Argenton 19,925 p x “Escort Girl” is full sister of 1,3,4 Nat Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB by Rudi De Saer

BE 22-3027394 “Pineut” Cock

  6 Prov Chateaudun    7.278p
  6 Clermont                      769p
18 Clermont                     686p

Father BE 21-3061139 Ozark
Won 1st Clermont 1,183p and 81st Prov Orléans 14,198p
Son of "Flurk" is son of stock father "Jommeke" x "Gina" is full sister of 9 Nat Ace pigeon H.F. KBDB 2017 at Geert De Clercq

Mother BE 15-2289094 Stefanie
Mother of 2 Prov Ace Pigeon H.F. KBDB 2019 + 22 Nat Ace Pigeon H.F. KBDB 2019
Daughter of “Kleine Blauwe” is brother “Blue Ace” 5 + 8 Nat Ace pigeon H.F. KBDB 2012+2013 Sabrina Brugmans x “Late 842” Louis Vandevorst

BE 22-30327354 “Paolo” Cock

  6 Clermont                      587p
  7 Prov Chateaudun    7.278p
13 Clermont                  1.518p
24 Clermont                  1.235p
70 Fontenay                  1.694p

Father BE 18-3070813 Leandro
Won 9 Prov Ace Pigeon All Round KBDB 2019 + 2020 and 15 Prov Ace Pigeon All Round KBDB 2021
Son of "Johny" is full brother of "Fado" 6 Nat Ace pigeon Zw.H.F. KBDB at Johny & Yves Jonckers x “Jana” is mother of 1st Prov Blois 2,294p and daughter of stock couple “Benny Hill” x “Emillia”

Mother BE 17-3029723 Provincial
Won 1st Prov Brionne 4,440p
Grandmother of a 1st Prov Chateauroux 3,406p
Daughter of superstar “Jommeke” 1 Prov Ace Pigeon All Round KBDB 2016+2017 x “Julie” 6 Prov Ace Pigeon All Round KBDB 2016 and daughter of stock couple “Benny Hill” x “Emillia”

Miranda and Rino, congratulations again on the top results from the entire HERBOTS TEAM.

Buelens Kim