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Bernard Lefebre from Zulte had a super season 2022

10 Mar 2023

After his national victory from Souillac, the icing on the cake was for Bernard Lefebre from Zulte in East Flanders. Of course he had another whopper with his other super crack “Opara” who became 2nd National Ace Pigeon All Round olds and yearlings KBDB 2022. This on top of the national victory and 6 X TOP 15 National, we can safely speak of a super season.

Bernard himself has been running a garden center together with his wife for several years, so pigeons are still a pure hobby, despite the fact that he is a fanatical pigeon fancier. As the son of the well-known tandem Lefebre – Dhaenens, he has been involved in the sport from an early age, but now he mainly takes into account the balance between pigeons and family. Chapeau and big kudos for everything because the pigeons are only raced here every 14 days. One weekend counting the pigeons and the next the family. The game with the youngsters is not his preference and training well is enough for him to test them well as a yearling and that has already paid off last season.

For the first time he auctions 2 children from his "Turbo Koppel" together with some special youngsters from his best racers of 2022

Super season 2022

1st National Souillac 4,637p ( fastest of 9,113p ) with “Tielo”
1st Nat (z) Limoges 5,429p ( 3rd Nat 17,356p ) with “Opara”
1st Prov Brive 1,466p ( 3rd Nat 6,117p ) with “Super Panda”
2nd National Ace Pigeon All Round olds + yearlings KBDB 2022 with “Opara”
8th National Souillac 4,476 olds with “Turbo Wachter”
9th National Tulle 4,185 old with “Corona”
12th National Tulle 4,185 olds with “Turbo Wachter”
13th National Tulle 6,842 yearlings

The Turbo Couple

BE 15-4156109 “Turbo” x BE 16-4102824 “Erika”

We are happy to introduce this great breeding couple, the stock of Bernard Lefebre has become really extensive and strong thanks to this couple.“Turbo” himself was a great racer in his career, he won 51 Nat Bourges 20,280p – 91 Nat Bourges 8,348p - 56 Nat Chateauroux 9,540p – 109 Nat Bourges 22,202p and 110 Nat Chateauroux 18,793p without his other prizes on shorter distances yet to be mentioned. His top results in the national races made him 1st Nat Ace Pigeon Bourges Pipa 2017-2018. He had it from no strangers because his father "Den Argenton" was also such a powerhouse. This one won 2 Prov Chateauroux 5,500p – 20 Nat Tulle 6,817p -54 Nat Argenton 19,816p and 67 Nat Chateauroux 20,517p.

“Erika” comes from Eric De Clercq and has never flown but immediately grew into a real top breeding hen.

Together they are the parents of the following toppers and do not forget that "Erika" is still mother of "Tielo" 1st National Souillac 4.637p in 2022
“Young Turbo” 25TH Nat Ace Long Distance KBDB 2022
60 Nat Perigeux 3,783p - 68 Nat Tulle 9,763p – 103 Nat Limoges 17,356p
“Speedy Turbo” 23 Nat Gueret 8,375p
“Blue Turbo” 89 Nat Souillac 7,514p
“Turbo Wachter” 8 Nat Souillac 4,476p – 12 Nat Tulle 4,185p
“Turbo Kaatje” 87 Nat Chateauroux 2,396p - 91 Nat Chateauroux 5,710p
“Bonten Turbo” 35 Nat Limoges 6,986p
“Bernard” 1 Prov Chateauroux 3,606
p“Marijke” Mother “Wout” 1 Prov Montoire 3,781p
“651/18” is grandfather of “Corona” 9 Nat Tulle 4,185p – 53 Nat Limoges 9,218p

2 direct children of the famous "Turbo Couple" present in this auction

BE 19-4097058 “Bonte Turbo”

BE 20-4127902 “Turbo Kilo” 

Special youngsters from the best pigeons of 2022

BE 22-4216279 “Daughter Opara”

The first daughter in the auction of superstar "Opara" who became 2nd National Ace Pigeon All Round olds + yearlings KBDB 2022. Here “Opara” was coupled to a daughter of the famous Turbo couple

BE 22-4216274 “Son Tielo”

The first son in auction of national winner “Tielo” who won 1st National Souillac 4,637 pigeons ( fastest of 9,113 pigeons ). He was coupled to a proven top breeding hen "Marleentje", she is mother and grandmother of 4 different pigeons that flew top 60 National in the long distance.

BE 22-4216281 “Daughter Panda”

Daughter of top racer “Panda” 3rd National Brive 6,117 pigeons and stock hen “Erika” who is mother of 11 x TOP 100 National in total.

BE 22-4216288 “Tielo 288”

Daughter of "Tielemans" who is father of national winner "Tielo" who won 1st National Souillac 4.637 pigeons ( fastest of 9.113 pigeons ) and "Sister Erika" who is mother of "693/21" 2 x TOP 90 National in 2022

Best results 2022

Orléans 516 old birds : 1,2,3,4,5,6,10,11,13,14,15,18,21,37,48,50,52,… 31/37
Orléans 241 yearlings : 1,2,3,4,5,6,… 12/15
Clermont 636 young birds : 1,8,9,9,20,23,24,27,28,29,34,34,36,37,47,56,61,62,… 57/79
Bourges 1.126 old birds : 5,21,37,38,71,82,88,97,102,… 17/28
Bourges 674 yearlings : 16,26,29,55,65,… 11/17
Chateauroux 895 yearlings : 3,7,21,22,42,47,86,88,… 12/23
Gueret NAT 8.375 old birds : 37,… 5/11
Gueret NAT 12.208 yearlings : 123,305,317,864,… 7/11
Limoges NAT 17.356 old birds : 3,103,142,144,474,499,689,1040,1692,… 13/22
Tulle NAT 9.763 old birds : 19,68,104,110,312,318,641,706,750,… 13/21
Tulle NAT 6.842 yearlings : 13,32,51,72,152,190,404,459,481,594,… 11/15
Brive NAT 6.117 old birds : 3,120,459,… 6/11
Brive NAT 5.885 yearlings : 120,133,226,454,… 5/6
Souillac NAT 4.476 old birds : 8,100,115,248,… 9/15
Soillac NAT 4.637 yearlings : 1,55,18,310,… 8/15
Tulle NAT 4.185 old birds : 9,12,54,106,134,299,… 8/10
Tulle NAT 4.993 yearlings : 148,180,234,367,.. 7/7

Top references in other lofts

Luc De Laere ( Anzegem ) 1st Provincial Chateauroux 3,606 youngsters 2022

In the last race of the season, Luc De Laere won 1st Provincial Chateauroux against 3,606 youngsters. Luc bought this winning hen BE 22-3081676 from Bernard as a voucher. He really got something from the best pigeons. This is a direct daughter of the Turbo couple from which most of the good racers come from Bernard himself.

Dobbelaere Philippe ( Olsene ) 1st Prov Montoire 3,781 youngsters 2022

Philippe Dobbelaere won a 1st Provincial Montoire against 3,781 youngsters in another top colony in Olsene, Flanders. This winning cock “Wout” is a grandson of the Turbo Koppel. The apple doesn't fall far from the…. As most of us know.The nest sister of “Wout” won 4 x TOP 4 as a youngster with a.o. 1st Clermont 380p – 4th Ecouen 761p – 4th Clermont 682p and 4th Fontenay 303p.

Naessens Thomas ( Olsene ) 2 x 1st Prov Ace pigeon youth KBDB 2022

Ten Naessens house won “693/21” 51 Nat La Souterraine 6,761p and 87 Nat Argenton 17,763p. He became 1st Prov Ace pigeon youth KBDB 2022 and his child wins 1st Prov Ace pigeon youth middle distance youngsters KBDB 2022. This "693/21" was bred out of "Broer Turbo" x "Sister Erika" which you can find in lot 8.

Bernard, congratulations on these great results from the entire HERBOTS TEAM.

Buelens Kim