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Bart en Nance Van Oeckel (Oud-Turnhout) 1st National ace KBDB ½ Fond old birds 2022

24 Nov 2022

"Seriously impressed"... that is the conclusion we can draw as we conclude our visit to Bart and Nance Van Oeckel. Impressed by the performances of the past few years, impressed by the quality of the Van Oeckel birds, impressed by the magnificent loft installation, impressed by the cosiness of the beautifully renovated farmhouse where Nance and Bart live, impressed by the well-thought-out and targeted strategy with which Bart and Nance (assisted by fanatical loft manager Kjenten Van Hecke) practise pigeon racing. 
Let us get straight to the point and, as our first item, shove the impressive performance list of the last three seasons under your noses. We could of course put up pages of results but we are deliberately going to limit ourselves to the national KBDB titles and Olympiad pigeons. Everyone knows how many times he himself has been on the podium of a national championship, so this list is going to say more than a thousand words (read results).

1st National ace KBDB ½ Fond old birds '22
1st National Champion KBDB yearling 2021
1st Olympic Hope Cat. E 2020 
2nd Olympiad pigeon Cat. E 2020
2nd Olympic pigeon Cat. G. 2020
2nd Olympic hope Cat. G. 2020
2nd National ace KBDB yearling 2021
3rd Olympiad pigeon Cat. B 2020
3rd Olympic Hope Cat. B. 2020
3rd National ace KBDB Allround yearling + old 2021
4th Olympic Hope Cat. E 2020
4th National ace KBDB long-distance yearling 2021
4th National Champion KBDB ½ Fond old + yearling 2020
5th National ace KBDB long-distance yearling 2021
5th Olympiad pigeon Cat I 2020
6th National ace KBDB Fond yearling 2021
6th Olympiad pigeon Cat I 2021
6th National champion KBDB middle distance old + yearling 2022
7th Olympiad pigeon Cat I 2021
7th General Champion KBDB 2021
7th General Champion KBDB 2020

It makes one silent ! 

The base and current breeding gems

Bart learned the "pigeon craft" from his father Jan. "Father has been a super fancier all his life," says Bart. From the age of 10, Bart became a pigeon fancier under his father's wings. He went along with basketing, opened the clocks in the pigeon loft and helped take care of the pigeons. Bart, a baker by profession, put up a small 6-metre loft at the bakery in 2001 with the intention of playing only with youngsters, but the plan was thrown overboard when there were some toppers among them and a 10-metre loft was added. Among them was a pigeon belonging to Jan and Marleen Broeckx, fellow baker in Baarle-Hertog, which was a real standout.
In 2008, Bart Van Oeckel had the 1st Olympiad pigeon "Miss Poznan" and the pigeon hobby gained momentum. In 2009, "F16" was born and became the ancestor of the colony. "Miss Poznan" and "F16" were bred from the "Zwarte Diamant", a direct pigeon of Luc, Bart, Jurgen Geerinckx, Wommelgem (via Jos Vissers). The "Zwarte Diamant" lived to be 17 years old. 
In 2008, "Gaston Junior" was born and became the ancestor of the loft together with "F16". They both had the same mother. "F16" bred nothing but winners in several generations. 

The "Super Kleintje" B02/6330844 was bought at the total auction of baker Jef De Houwer, Retie and that was also a hit. From 2016 to 2020, 50 youngsters were exchanged every year with the Herbots family. Both lofts were successful with this. Bart and Nance won the 1st Nat. Limoges 2017 with the Herbots pigeon B16/2146311. They had the 1st Olympic Hope Cat. E and the 5th Olympic pigeon Cat. C with the B16/2146231, also a Herbots pigeon.
From 2018, a close friendship developed with Geert Lambrechts, Hallaar. And still every year a round of youngsters comes to Schuurhoven. The performances of "Olympic Elena" and "Olympic Nance", two direct Lambrechts hens raced by Van Oeckel, speak volumes. Spicy detail... "Olympic Elena" is mother of "Zilliqa", 1st National ace KBDB ½ long-distance old birds (more info see below)

In 2020, B20/6140804 "Olympic Super Werner" was bought from friends Linda and Werner Sas, Vosselaar. "Olympic Super Werner" became 3rd Nat. ace KBDB Speed youngsters 2020 and 3rd Olympic Hope Cat. F 2020.

One of the very first children that "Olympic Super Werner" gave birth to was "Sniper". "Sniper" ordinary guy...and what an added value to the breeding loft of Bart and Nance 

As a Christmas gift from Jan and Marleen Broeckx, Bart and Nance acquired the hen "Sister Olympic 306ke", which was paired with "F16" and became the parents of one of the best breeding cocks in Belgium, "F-Hao Hao". "F-Hao Hao" (B18-6058116) became father to 
"Zilliqa": 1st National ace KBDB ½ long-distance old pigeons 2022
"Shiba": 4th National ace KBDB Fond yearling 2021
"Poladot" 5th National ace KBDB Fond yearling 2021


"Zilliqa" 1st National ace KBDB ½ Fond old birds 2022

Even though Bart and Nance are already used to getting on the podium during the national KBDB days, we are sure that when they will be honoured as the winner of the 1st national ace KBDB ½ Fond old pigeons a tear of happiness will be pinned away. 
Ace pigeon winner is "Zilliqa". "Zilliqa" was part of a 12-headed hens team. This strong hens team participated in the first 6 weeks in the middle distance and won 6 x first prize in the old and 6 x first prize in the yearlings and this with 6 different pigeons.

On those 6 races they won 57 prizes on 69 entries (82%) of which 41 x 1/10 and 15 x 1/100
14/05/22 Sermaises 393 km 1590 old birds 1-6-13-18-21-30-36-41-99-123-169-481 (12/12)
21/05/22 Toury 413 km 1007 old birds 1-3-4- 17-61-64-69-71-86-87-179 (11/12)
28/05/22 Melun 340 km 1057 old birds 1-2-10-11-13-16-21-153-253 ( 9/12)
04/06/22 Melun 340 km 1147 old birds 1-2-4-12-13-14-15-16-105-301 (10/11)
11/06/22 Auxerre 404 km 890 old birds 1-10-13-18-20-39-55-83-88-89-97 (11/12)
18/06/22 Melun 340 km 562 old birds 1-3-13-19 (4/10)

This “fast basket” of 12 has already classified no less than 19 times in the top 100 of the entire release with an average of 8,318 pigeons ... ! 
Including :
1st Toury against 7,857 pigeons 
2nd Auxerre against 6,494 pigeons 
10th and 11th Melun against 7,086 pigeons 
15th Melun against 12,918 pigeons 
18th and 26th Melun against 4,832 pigeons 

Outstanding was without any doubt "Zilliqa", the daughter of the above-mentioned "F-Hao Hao" x "Olympic Elena" . 
She shone with 
14/05/22 Sermaises 393 km 6/ 1590 old birds 0.377% 42 - 12,918 pigeons 
21/05/22 Toury 413 km 3/ 1007 old birds 0.297% 16 - 7,857 birds 
28/05/22 Melun 340 km 1/ 1057 old birds 0.094% 10 - 7,086 pigeons 
04/06/22 Melun 340 km 1/ 1147 old birds 0.087% 37 - 7,238 pigeons 
11/06/22 Auxerre 404 km 20/ 890 old birds 
18/06/22 MELUN 340 KM 1/ 562 old birds 0.177% 18 - 4,832 pigeons


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