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  • 19 Jun 2024 00:00
  • 22 Jun 2024 00:00
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Team Hooymans WVL: 1st National Tulle 5,751 yearbirds

Team Hooymans WVL with caretaker Kristof Verstraete already achieved their 2nd national victory in a good six months' time (if we only count the playing weeks from the pigeon season). Thanks to the superior breeding strategy of Jan Hooymans, Kristof can dispose of a load of top pigeons, but even then you have to master the art of guiding such a group of pigeons to a top performance.
The 2024 season started with a group of 45 cocks and 53 hens, all played according to classical widowhood. This group plays the great middle-distance and long-distance races. Kristof also coaches 40 marathon pigeons (played on total widowhood) and of course the group of youngsters bred by Jan Hooymans every year.
One of the important pillars in this successful system is the training of the pigeons. Not the duration but especially the way the pigeons train is very important. When the old and yearling pigeons fly through the air just like youngsters that are making their first tours in the wide surroundings, you know as a fancier that it is all right. When the pigeons train at home in full season between 30 min and 1 hour, that is more than enough.
Another pillar is that nothing is left to chance by the entire Hooymans family (in the Netherlands as well as in Mol and Desselgem). Everything starts with a loft that gives the fancier every opportunity to intervene under all weather conditions. Nowhere is looking at a euro to house the racing pigeons in the best lofts. A loft must be adapted to the environment it is in, so all lofts are different.
In terms of care, Kristof is guided by Aidi's people. Together they discuss flight schedules. Upon returning home, oil goes over the feed and the drinking water is enriched with electrolytes. The outlined feeding schedules are strictly followed.
Medically, Kristof has full confidence in vet Emiel Demeester (Izegem). "A vet who understands birds" says Kristof "His practice (Degudap) has its own lab and they work, among other things, for all the big chicken farms in the area. Moreover, Emiel - like me - is against too quick and wrong use of antibiotics."
Yet another pillar in this success story is Team Hooymans itself. "Besides Jan (a super motivator), I can always turn to Gregory Bekaert (Team Hooymans.be) and Christiaan van de Wetering (Team Hooymans.NL) for advice.  In addition, there are also Tom Van Gaver and Vermeerbergen-Wilms who give me plenty of support.

We could see it with our own eyes. No lack of motivation and commitment and we are 100% sure that it will not be the last time we have to pass by them to congratulate them for a national win.

The entire Herbots team wholeheartedly wishes them 

1st National Tulle 5,751 yearbirds

Distance: 605km

Velocity: 1,257.57 m/m

Stefan Mertens