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  • 13 Jun 2024 00:00
  • 15 Jun 2024 00:00
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Verlaenen André & Jimmy (Herent): 1st National Vivonne (Poitiers) 9,015 old birds



1st National Vivonne (Poitiers) 9,015 old birds

Distance: 597km

Velocity: 1,820.22 m/m

Release place Vivonne, a new name on the calendar of national races. Located on the west line and replacing the better-known race Poitiers. A total of 10,574 yearlings and 9,015 old birds were on the release point. Winner in the old birds category was the tandem Verlaenen André and Jimmy from Herent. Their blue hen "B20-2023822" defied the very tight south-westerly wind and achieved an average speed of no less than 1820.22 m/m. With this she beats the pigeons of Brouillard Brune (Arbre - 1811.56 m/m) and Sierens Norbert (Zwevegem - 1807.57 m/m). 

"Pigeon sport beautiful hobby"... a saying that fits our winners perfectly. Brothers André and Jimmy Verlaenen enjoy their first national success and prove that you do not have to have a mass of pigeons to win a big one. 
When driving up the driveway of the house, you already see enough. The beautifully tended garden and pigeon lofts say it all. Everything is in tip-top order at the Verlaenen home. 
Since 5 seasons, the Verlaenen brothers form a tandem and the tasks in the loft are perfectly divided. André is more concerned with the youngsters while Jimmy takes care of the rest of the colony. In total, they have 12 breeding couples and about 50 youngsters. No widowers but a racing team of 9 hens which are played on the big middle distance races. 

These 9 hens raised a pair of young during the winter period. Before laying again, they were moved to the small run (see photo) where they stay during the day. Also during the season they are in this run day and night. Only during feedings and races are they allowed in the loft where they bred. 
"Our hens hardly train" Andre knows to tell us "twice a day we give them freedom but they rush to go into their loft. Probably that is their motivation during the season too."
"Many secrets you are not going to discover" continues André "The hens, like many, are first fed lightly (purge and diet) and then heavier (sport mixture). Twice a week, vitamins or electrolytes go into the drinking water and then we've had it. "


We took the winner into our hands and can confirm that she is a beautiful hen. Very thickly plumed with a strongly pigmented eye in the smart head. Conditionally more than fine as a few hours after her arrival she was back around. 
Her sire is "B10-2127070", obtained from loft Rommelaere and born from a cross Van Eylen-Imbrechts (Boortmeerbeek) x Van Horenbeeck Leo (Wijgmaal).
Mother is "B17-2022024", born from a cock from Nico Terryn (Keerbergen) x a hen from Van Horenbeeck Leo 
We end this short report as we started it... "Pigeon racing beautiful hobby" and André adds "enjoying the friendship among fanciers is as important as a brilliant result."

André and Jimmy, good luck and enjoy your first national victory to the full

Stefan Mertens