Limoges II Yearlings


  • 03 Jul 2024 00:00
  • 06 Jul 2024 00:00
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Van De Poel Yves - Geetbets: 1st National Limoges 6,838 yearbirds - fastest 13,727b.

It is already the 4th national win for known fancier Yves Van De Poel from Geetbets. In 2014, national Chateauroux was won and two seasons later Van De Poel's name topped the national result of Perpignan. Another season later - in 2017 - hen "Victoria Bolt" with a big youngster around her neck won 1st national Chateauroux and also the fastest of 13,876 pigeons. And now...last weekend, it is hen "Olympic Dali Porsche" which, in addition to winning the 1st national Limoges yearling, trailed all 13,727 Limoges racers.

Yves is an experienced fancier, puts a lot into perspective and undertakes when it is really necessary. In short Yves limns the lines in which football is played and a regular minder carries everything out to perfection. Yves says: "This year, things didn't work out so well with the widowers. Together with the groom, we went over everything and some changes were promptly made. The widowers were trained twice a day instead of once and the roof of the loft was cleaned with a high-pressure cleaner so there was "ventilation" between the tiles again. Since then, the cocks' results have been much better. Sometimes it really is in details.

Yves: "In the past, the marathon flights in fluor were marked on the flight calendar, but since 2010 I have been drawing more the map of the big middle-distance and long-distance flights. This turnaround came when I became more friends with Leo Heremans and Gaston Van de Wouwer. A change I don't regret for a second because meanwhile I already have 4 national victories on my record of achievements, something I never managed to do in very long distance races. In the meantime Yves also bought all pigeons from Patrick Vanoppen, the Van De Poel colony got a real boost through this contribution.

"Olympic Dali Porsche"

The national winner is part of a 20-headed racing team. The hens are played with a stay-at-home partner. Unlike the cocks, the hens train once a day and are always more than adequately fed. "Another story" continues Yves "If pigeons come home too light from a race it means they had too few reserves. "Sitting around" does not mean they have enough reserves. We were satisfied with the performance on the first national Bourges. A week later at Argenton we got the lid on our noses. The pigeons came home empty and I think the cause was the much too light feed. The menu was changed and a mix of different top mixes is now served daily. Medically, we only try to control tricho. We do not treat for ornithosis unless there is no other way. 

The hens are basketed for the long distance races, but to be honest, I only basket when we have a chance of winning. With east in the wind, I prefer not to basket anymore. It may not be sporting of me, but why take part if you are lost beforehand anyway. 

1st National Limoges 6,838 yearbirds - fastest of 13,127b.

Distance: 660km
Velocity: 1,632.22m/m

Stefan Mertens