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  • 23 May 2024 00:00
  • 25 May 2024 00:00
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Casaert-Sénéchal (Russeignies): 1st National Bourges 24,006 old birds

Nothing but happy faces as we drive up the driveway of the beautiful house and ditto pigeon loft of Sébastien, Lydie and Hugo Casaert. Last week, the Herbots Team was also in Russignies because then their "Kate" had nothing better to do than to note the 1st interprov. Vierzon on her palmares. 
Just counted a weekend later, the champagne corks were allowed to pop through the Hainaut sky again as now it was the hens "Lydie" and "Granddaughter Porsche" who claimed the necessary attention. "Lydie" (B22-4150252 - a direct daughter of famous "Porsche 911") showed all 24,006 old Bourges racers her tail. Against 42,791 Bourges pigeons, she recorded the 3rd highest speed. Only loftmate "Kleindochter Porsche" and Walter De Ruyck's national winner achieved a higher speed.
When you reel in such 2 fine victories in 2 weeks time, the forme is clearly there. A statement that also confirms the overall Bourges result
24,006 old: 1-20-24-75-133-164-214-224-246 (51/73)
18,785 yearlings: 2-64-168-237-262-289 (43/95)

Not expected

Sébastien: "I was surprised when 2 Bourges pigeons registered here. We were still fully focused on the fall of the Toury pigeons and since a glance at the computer screen showed us that no pigeons had been clocked in the front yet, we thought we still had time to expect a Bourges flyer. But that was beyond the ambitions of "Lydie" and "Granddaughter Bourges". For a long time they were both listed 1st national but eventually we were beaten in the yearling by Walter De Ruyck's hen. The party could begin."

Totaal weduwschap

Sébastien manages a race team consisting of 80 olds and 140 yearlings, all played on total widowhood. The yearlings have little experience, having only participated in a few short distance races in 2023.
For several years, on the advice of his good friend Pascal Ariën, Sébastien has participated in the national programme of great middle-distance and long-distance (the pigeons are played every week if possible).
After working with PEC since 2015, Sébastien no longer has breeders and focuses mainly on the sport season. The racers do not breed for the season and were paired on 5 April to stay together until 25 April. During this breeding period, they are reared (up to a maximum of 60 km). The hens are in an aviary during the season, where they stay (day and night).
As for the youngsters, in 2024 Sebastien will have 120 youngsters at his disposal via PEC and, for the first time this year, 120 youngsters from the KAIER loft via his friend Pascal Ariën.
In terms of care, Sébastien attaches great importance to the daily training of the race team and a richer diet for the last five meals before basketing. As motivation, the nest dishes are simply turned over before basketing, and if necessary, a boost is given at the end of the season by leaving the sexes together.
In early January, the pigeons are vaccinated against smallpox and paramyxo virosis by vet Pascal Lanneau, who checks the colony weekly

Then motivated after all?

When asked if "Lydie" was specially motivated, Sébastien could not immediately give a clear answer until we went to the loft to take the photos. Sébastien released "Lydie" and she flew with an unseen colère into her living box where there was another hen "cuddling" with her cock. I could tell from Sébastien's reaction and facial expression that he had not expected this either. Was "Lydie" mad at another hen after all? Was this the reason to go into the basket super motivated and shake this top performance out of her wings? 

Who will say?

As an aside, "Lydie" has since been given a ticket towards the breeding loft. 

We wish family Casaert lots more success and on to the next victory. 

Stefan Mertens

1st National Bourges 24,006 old birds

Distance: 438km

Velocity: 1,355.05 m/m

2nd National Bourges 18,785 yearbirds
2nd fastest of 42,791b.

Stefan Mertens