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  • 11 Jul 2023 00:00
  • 15 Jul 2023 00:00
  • Old Pigeons

Henry Alain and Maxime ( Nandrin ) 1st National St.Vincent 2,853 old birds

The flight from St.Vincent had to be postponed to Sunday due to bad weather. Thunderstorms caused these 2 days delay, but because of this the pigeons got favorable wind towards Belgium and other countries. The winner for Belgium can be found near Liège near Nandrin. The Henry family lives here, where the colony used to be mainly led by grandfather Leon, where now son Alain and grandson Maxime continue to run the colony. For this family it is the 4th National victory of their career, for this new combination after the death of grandfather this is the first victory.


The widowers are raced here in classic widowhood, the lofts are designed for 85 to 90 widowers, but for this season there were about 50. Preferably not too many pigeons in one loft. There will be no second coupling in the spring.

Because there are also many problems with the birds of prey here, the pigeons are always taken away from March so that they do not fly around at home. They do this up to 40km so that the pigeons get in shape and if the wind blows West they will release the pigeons in the West, if this is East then they will be driven to the East. The reason for this is that the pigeons then fly higher due to the tailwind and are therefore less likely to be prey for the birds of prey, so we teach them to come in quickly upon arrival. When the flights are in full swing (May 15), they train at home once a day because there are less problems with attacks.

The motivation is very simple, in the beginning the hen is shown for 5 minutes and when they return home they only stay together at the speed for 5 minutes. From the further flights only the saucer is shown and they go quietly into the basket. When they return home, they can stay with it for a few hours, but never all night. We prefer a faster recovery than staying together for a long time.

In terms of nutrition, the pigeons mainly receive Purification / Super Diet in the beginning so that they are not too heavy and are fast for the birds of prey. Once the flights arrive, the first 3 days will mainly be 50% Purification / Super Diet and 50% Sport. The last pigeons are then completely Sport that is on the menu. The food here all comes from Hoebrechts. Medical supervision is supervised by Vincent Schroeder.

BE 20-1044758 Blue Cock
1st National St.Vincent 2,853 old birds

Arrival : 18:16:24
Velocity ​​: 1484.81 m/min
Distance : 915,234 km

Honors of the winner, he rarely missed in his career as a youngster and flew 2 national races as a youngster ( Chateauroux and Argenton ). As a yearling he raced Chateauroux, Limoges and Tulle. In 2022 he then flew a small prize at Narbonne in the great disaster flight that was there at the time. This year he had a good start again and already classified well from Pau with now the big victory from St.Vincent.

    1 NAT St.Vincent ’23  2.853p
    3 Prov Pau ’23                  80p
  11 Vierzon ’23                  101p
  20 Melun ‘20                     220p
  58 Trelou ’20                  1.251p
  85 Tulle ’22                       986p
158 NAT Tulle ’21           7.267p

Father BE 18-1141484
Son of “141/17” Son of brother 1st Provincial Limoges x Deschamps Duivin
x “883/16” Niece 1st National Souillac 5.659 old 2011

Mother BE 18-1141650
Daughter of “134/05” Won 29th National Montauban x “FR 578/17”