Narbonne Yearlings


  • 24 Jul 2023 00:00
  • 28 Jul 2023 00:00
  • Yearlings

Sorokosz Mariusz ( Mettet ) 1st Int.Nat Narbonne yls - 1st National Narbonne 6.100 year birds

On the last international race for yearlings of the 2023 season, we got a French-speaking winner who lives in Mettet. Mariusz Sorokosz is the name that runs the colony together with his wife Alexia. Because Mariusz works in construction during the day, his wife often helps with walking the pigeons, without her I can never put down the achievements that are achieved now. His winner is a yearling hen that is made of the right cloth, a half-brother of hers was his first pigeon from Agen this year and won 14th National against 5,851 pigeons. The winner with the old pigeons on this race from Narbonne and the winner with the yearlings here have the same grandmother, speaking of coincidence and this on one and the same race.

The racing team here consists of 50 pigeons that are raced on total widowhood, this system is easy and you don't have to keep extra pigeons for a whole year just to stay as a partner. The pigeons are not coupled before the racing season and they get to know each other during the first flights. Training at home can only start here in March because of too many problems with birds of prey. Then they try to increase the pace quite quickly so that the pigeons become fast and ward off the attacks. Alexia lets the pigeons out in the morning and Mariusz takes over in the evening. 

Afterwards the pigeons fly a few speed races of 150, 200 and 250 km before being spread out for the international races. The pigeons from Narbonne flew 2 interprovincial races with AWC and then went to Narbonne. The experience as a young pigeon is not much due to a lack of time, they are entered 3 or 4 times on speed races without any motivation.

The guidance here is supervised by Raf Herbots and all products given here come from Herbovet. His advice is fully followed and intervention is only made when necessary.

BE 22-1009254 Checkered white feather Hen
1st Int.Nat Narbonne year birds 
1st National Narbonne 6.100 year birds 

Arrival : 19:00:04
Distance : 810,504 km
Velocity : 1227,91m/min