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  • FERNANDES Pereira Helder P.
  • 17 Jul 2023 00:00
  • 21 Jul 2023 00:00
  • Old Pigeons

Fernandes Pereira Helder Philippe ( Aubagne ) 1st National Marseille 2.590 old birds

On the national flight from Marseille we drive towards Arlon, a village not far from where Philippe Fernandes Pereira lives. He has been living in Belgium for 4 years, he is of Portuguese descent and tries to race independently with pigeons. The combination with work, children and pigeon sport is not easy, but if someone like that wins a national victory, this can only have a stimulating effect. His 3 year old hen was the fastest of 2,590 old pigeons in this national race.

Philippe races with both cocks and hens and tries to race long distance and extreme long distance. In March the racing pigeons come together for the first time and they come to the nest to brood. Then they race on widowhood until Barcelona and then fly back on the nest until the end of the season. Every day there is 1x a day training when there is time. After the season, the racing pigeons are allowed to brood again.

The pigeons are mainly fed with mixtures of Vanrobaeys and Natural. Two weeks before Barcelona, ​​the pigeons are cleared against tricho and the airways, but otherwise he tries to stay away from this as much as possible.

BE 20-1140221 Blue Hen
1st National Marseille 2.590 old birds

Clocked : 17:55:09
Distance : 702,770km
Velocity : 1072,69 m/min