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  • 25 May 2023 00:00
  • 27 May 2023 00:00
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Vandenheede Freddy & Jacques (Kruisem): 1st National Bourges/Vierzon 18,729 yearbirds

"Special One"

1st National Bourges/Vierzon 18,729 yearbirds

Distance: 423km

Velocity: 1,205.39 m/m


Kruisem: They do it again...the famous Vandenheede brothers strike again on the first national confrontation of a fresh season. Why we note "they do it again"? Well...remember Bourges 2009, when our East Flemish won 1st National Bourges against 27,506 old birds and 1st National Bourges against 22,499 yearlings. Under the motto "it can be even more punishing", we refer to the result of the first national flight of the 2019 season from Vierzon. Then the gate was all over the place with the 5 fastest pigeons against 32,530 Vierzon racers !
By the way mentioned...last weekend national wins number 22 and 23 were nailed against the proverbial ceiling. "Simply the best" in Belgium
Decided at the last moment
Freddy takes the floor: "In fact, we only decided at the very last moment to go to Bourges with the whole team. What convinced us, though, was that the NO was not going to blow as tightly as first predicted. This made me see the opportunity to possibly score national early growing and lo and behold it is more than what we expected.
Two grandchildren "Mattheo"
First up came "Primus Mattheo" (B21-407333) running across the observation plate. "Primus Mattheo" , a blue cock, which had already proved that it has power in its wings as its record of achievements include 3rd national Souillac 4,637d. and this season already 8th provincial Vierzon 6,489 old birds! He entered the basket as 5th signed.
The national winner in the yearling is "Special One" (B22-4137224), a shale cock, went into the basket as the first signed yearling. Why him as 1st drawn? "Well" says Freddy "his shale colour made me notice that he was always among our first pigeons. And that was the reason to put his ring number at the top of the pool letter. On his record are already: 8th Pont Ste. Max. 1.143d. 9th Toury 2,364d. 43rd Toury 3,222d. and 204th Prov. 'Orleans 16,471d
And looking at the pedigrees of both national winners, it is striking that they are both grandsons of topper "Mattheo"

At Kruisem, the season was started with 30 old and 170 yearling pigeons. In preparation, the race team was taken away 6 times to a 25km and then it went with the local to 90km, 120km, 190km to then fly Toury (330km) and Orleans (360km). Last week, the yearlings were back at the Toury release point and the old ones were at Vierzon. 
Medically, only a tricho cure was given in addition to the compulsory vaccinations. During the season, all pigeons do get the well-known yellow drops. The man in the white smock was visited before the start of the season and he saw nothing wrong, so why treat? If everything goes well, stay off ! 
Team Vandenheede, from Team Herbots, we wish you all the best for the coming weeks! 


Stefan Mertens

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