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  • 20 Jun 2022 00:00
  • 27 Jun 2022 07:00
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Marchal Jean Marie - Habay La Neuve - 1st National Bordeaux 3.734 old birds ( 2nd Int.Nat 15.536 old birds )

The first international flight on the calendar is, according to annual tradition, Pau, due to the bad weather that was present in the south of France from Friday, the organizers tried to unload on Thursday, but all the transport did not arrive on time. The flight could not be released on Saturday and Sunday due to the bad weather and they moved to Bordeaux. Here they were given freedom on Monday morning at 7:00 am, resulting in smooth arrivals and good speeds. If it is good, this can also be said.

The winner for Belgium can be found with Jean Marie Marchal in the borough of Habay La Neuve in the Belgian province of Luxembourg. The winner is a 6 year old widower with a lot of experience. Jean Marie only had 1 pigeon in the basket and so had quickly finished looking. How gold and bronze was obtained here in this region and silver all the way on the other side of our country.

Only with widowers

Jean Marie races with 25 widowers, as a youngster they are trained on a few short flights, but his is less important. Afterwards, as yearlings, they are already extensively tested on a few long distance races.

All years there is normally winter breeding but the forme comes a bit too late, this year this was adjusted and they were allowed to breed for 12 days before the season. The difference is that the pigeons are in condition faster than usual.

In the spring they train 1x a day, but now in the season itself this is 2x 1 hour a day that they train hard.

When basketing, the hen is only shown from the national races and this for a maximum of 5 to 6 minutes. After the flight they always stay together until the next morning in the morning because they only fly again every 2 or 3 weeks.

In terms of nutrition, it is very simple and 1 Sport Natural mixture is given. When they get home they only get electrolytes in the drinking water and that's where it stops, the pigeons are kept very close to nature here and those who can do it should just show it. Also medically the pigeons have only had their vaccination against paramyxo and nothing else.

Bordeaux winner

The winner is a 6-year-old class pigeon of the larger type, so not a typical extreme long distance pigeon, but a strong athlete in a slightly larger form. In terms of recuperation, we saw very little of him on Tuesday morning, a signal that this pigeon has really shown its class again with its experience.

BE 16-11754552 Blue Cock

Clocked : 16:10:17
Distance : 713,396km
Velocity : 1296,42 m/min

      1 Nat Pau ’22                    3.734b
      2 Int.Nat                           15.536b
      1 Prov St.Vincent ’18        
  298 Nat                                  2.758b
      1 Prov Pau ’19                  
  501 Nat                                  2.797b
      2 Prov Pau ‘20
      3 Prov Limoges ‘19
      4 Prov Limoges ‘18
    33 Prov Barcelona ’21         390b
1085 Nat                                6.913b
  184 Nat Pau ‘18                  2.581b
  433 Nat Perpignan ’21       3.901b

Sire BE 10-7004970 
Won 2 x 1st Prov Limoges ( 2 Nat (z) Limoges ) – 1 Prov Brive – 1 Prov Montauban 

Gr.F. BE 08-7002820
Gr.M. BE 08-4350330 Yvan Eeckhout

Mother BE 09-7006301 Emiel Denijs x Yvan Eeckhout

Gr.F. BE 07-3007551 Granddaughter Adonis Barcelona - Emiel Denijs
           Son from “BE 02-477” Son Adonis Barcelona 6° Nat Barcelona ’99 x Sister Kleine Tee x 
            “BE 05-781” Sister Ria 2 Euro Regio Biarritz ’05 
Gr.M. BE 04-4318522 Yvan Eeckhout

Jean Marie, congratulations on this small basket victory from the entire HERBOTS TEAM.

Buelens Kim