Bourges I/Vierzon Yearlings


  • 26 May 2022 00:00
  • 28 May 2022 07:30
  • Yearlings

Olivier Poussart ( Chimay ) - 1st National Bourges 24,221 year birds

We drive towards Vaulx / Chimay in the province of Hainaut for the double winner of Bourges National. Both with the old birds and yearlings they shine with gold. Olivier and son Justin Poussart take their 4th and 5th National victory in a career that only continues to climb.

1st National Bourges 33,410 old birds 2022 ( fastest of 57,631 pigeons )
1st National Bourges 24,496 yearlings 2022
1st National Tulle 7,267 yearlings ( fastest of 12,334 pigeons ) 2021
1st National Bourges 19,885 yearlings ( fastest of 39,602 pigeons ) 2016
1st National Gueret 7,175 old (fastest of 20,063 pigeons) 2020
1st National Ace bird Heavy middle distance old KBDB 2021
1st National Champion middle distance old + yearlings KBDB 2019
3rd National Ace Pigeon Middle Distance KBDB 2019
3rd National Ace bird speed KBDB 2019
4th National Ace bird middle distance yearlings KBDB 2019

The duo here consists of a trio because Paul Santens is also the 3rd man who takes care of the lines that are set out. The lofts are owned by the Poussart family, but Paul can be found here weekly when the pigeons arrive. In addition, Patrick Vervloesem and Hok Bommerez have been reinforced in recent years. The latter is the breeder of the 2 national winners from Bourges. Kudos to this colony for sure for breeding such winners.

Bourges Nat 33.410 old birds : 1,5,13,20,158,167,243,245,320,… 15/22
Bourges Nat 24.221 year birds : 1,140,145,537,563,657,691,704,… 15/26 

Cocks and hens on classic widowhood

The racing team consists of both cocks and hens, both sexes are raced on classic widowhood. Not all widowers were coupled for the first time, normally they are coupled together with the breeders. This was still the case now, but not all. It was different with the hens and they were only coupled in March to breed for a few days.

These ladies were also darkened in the period from March and April in order to be able to participate in national flights until the beginning of August.

The training in the spring is difficult, during the day Olivier is working so the pigeons are only released around 5.30 pm. The rhythm of 1x a day is maintained and sometimes a day is even skipped in terms of training. A working enthusiast has to get it all done, of course.

This is also the case with the basketing where extra motivation is not done due to a lack of time. The pigeons are taken away in this way and into the basket. After returning home it is initially very short that they stay together and now at Bourges this is a few hours.

In the field of nutrition, they place their trust in the Beyers Galaxy mixtures where Light, Sport, Energy and Ruimengeling are used all year round. As an extra they use sweets and peanuts towards basketing.

They have every confidence in Vincent Schroeder for the medical story. Schroeder – Tollisan products are also used here. Especially Tollyamin Forte, Kombi-Mix every 2 to 3 weeks and a cocci pill every 6 weeks are fixed values. Until now the latter has not happened and they were only treated for the respiratory tract with Orni-Chlam and 7 days for paratyphus.

National Winner Bourges yearlings

BE 21-2072829 “Aston Martin” Cock
Breeder : Hok Bommerez

Distance : 366,480km
Clocked time : 12:19:46
Average speed : 1264,74 m/min

1st National Bourges 24.496 yearlings 2022
15th Orléans 465b
15th Melun 306b

Sire BE 17-2024097 – Stars n Stripes - Hok Bommerez

Gr.F. BE 14-2171259 Tusky - Hok Bommerez
            Nestbrother “Wifi” 6 Prov Vierzon 522b – 15 Nat Argenton 13.525b
            100% Gaby Vandenabeele 
Gr.M. BE 14-2171258 Wifi - Hok Bommerez
            Won 6 Prov Vierzon 522b – 15 Nat Argenton 13.525b
            100% Gaby Vandenabeele

Mother BE 16-2050543 Twice is Nice - Hok Bommerez

Gr.F. BE 15-200974 Cheops
            Son “Pharao” Rik Hermans x “Blue Orchid” R & P Vervloesem
Gr.M. BE 14-3067131 Guilty Pleasure – Gaby Vandenabeele
            ½ sister 1 Nat Gueret 9.754b
            Granddaughter “Neptunus”

Congratulations to Olivier, Justin and Paul with this impressive punch from the entire Herbots team.

Buelens Kim