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  • 03 Aug 2021 00:00
  • 06 Aug 2021 00:00
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Colemont Luc - Genk - 1st National Perpignan 3,901 old birds

The international racing season 2021 has ended, traditionally Perpignan is the closing race for these pigeons and for Belgium we got 3,901 old pigeons at the start of the race. On Friday morning and wind in the back they flew direction home base. Around 18h30 the first pigeons were clocked but the national winner arrived at 19h32 at his loft in Genk at Luc Colemont. This is the 1st big victory out of his career and immediately a really big one. 

Only widowers  

The widowers are devided over 4 lofts and you can find only a few pigeons per loft. Luc races in total with 21 widowers who get full rest in winter and don’t have to think about breeding. Also in Spring they aren’t coupled but start beginning of February with their daily trainings and this always in the morning. When they train during the season for 30 to 45 minutes he knows that they are fine. 

In the preparing races they do mostly only 1x a short distance race, a few middle distance races and then direction Valence in preparation for Barcelona. But this time the condition wasn’t as it should be so he skipped this race and prepared them for Perpignan. The pigeons had a provincial race in between out of Gien and that was it.

At basketing for Perpignan he shows first 10 minutes their nest dish and afterwards they can stay together with their hen for about 3 to 4 hours. At arrival throughout the season he leaves them always together until the next day. 

Now Perpignan has finished they can breed for 10 days and can go at ease into the moulting period. 


In a matter of food they get towards the longer races Moulting mixture and Purification. From the moment they’re on the heavy races they get the last 3 to 5 days a Sports mixture. As extra corn is being added and when calling them in they always get peanuts. As supplements during the week I especially give products from the Herbots and Schroeder – Tollisan gamma. I also make myself  tea from red coneflower which they get on a weekly base on Monday. 

For the medical check-up I always go a month before Barcelona to Dr. Peeters. This year I didn’t have to give anything against trichomoniases or airways. 

BE-18-5027346 Red Cock
1st National Perpignan 3,901 old

Clocked : 19:32:49
Distance :  947,278km
Average Speed : 1310,54 m/min

Father BE 16-2228831 Red – Speelmans Pierre

Mother BE 16-2257744 Chequered – Delait Gilbert

Gr.F. BE 02-5137314 Black Cahors – Delait Gilbert
            Won 1 Prov Cahors
            Son to “BE 01-837” Strain old Diege Jos Thone x “BE 99-949” Dusaer
Gr.M. BE 11-5113929 Granddaughter Witneus – Hermans Jean
            Daughter to “BE 00-030” Witneus x “BE 06-150” Granddaughter 1 Nat Perpignan

Luc, a big congratulation on this nice victory from the entire HERBOTS TEAM. 

Buelens Kim