Tulle Yearlings

  • 31 Jul 2019 00:00
  • 03 Aug 2019 08:00
  • Yearlings


Ooigem: Tulle is the last long distance race of the season 2019…time flies. With Luc Tytgat we don’t have a professional loft but a modest fanciers with only 14 widow cocks, 12 breeders and about 30 youngsters on his loft list. The nice thing about this sport is that you aren’t lost upfront as a small fancier but when you go to the basketing table with pure class in your basket you can compete many and as now the case even win a national victory

Luc enjoys his pigeons and their results…his widow cocks go to the races until 700km but in Autumn he enjoys maybe most of all the ‘Ronde van België’ (Round of Belgium) races. This is according to Luc pigeon sport in all its glory. Make fun…and many strong stories after the race.

The results of the Tytgat colony made a huge leap when Luc bought in 2013 25 youngster for 625€ at Luc Ampe. They didn’t perform that well when coupled pure but when he started to cross them in against his own pigeons it stuck like butter on bread.


He basketed 2 pigeons for National Tulle. Luc:’ a leader, my ‘722’ and the other as filling up the basket. My ‘722’ is in my eyes a very good pigeon. As youngster he won no less than 17 prizes with 10 prizes per 10 and as year bird he also won 10 prizes with 8 per 10. With results as 1st Provincial Poitiers and fastest against 5,720b, 155th National Argenton 22,826 year birds, and so on…(see his entire palmaris further on with the pictures both from 2017 and 2018).
Out of the parents of the ‘722’ I also bred some brothers and sisters who did well with ao. 17 prizes on 17 races and 14 prizes on 15 races. So it is a bit in the family.’

The “722” won at an average speed of 1,213.05 m/m for a distance of 605km. He beat the year birds from Gino Clicque (1,204.61 m/m) and De Ketele Marc (1,198.03 m/m) but is also faster than all the old birds.
Luc: “Unfortunately I didn’t see him coming…also when he won Poitiers Provincial he took me by surprise, but I have it rather this way than coming in too late. Whether he was motivated in a special way? Not that I know off…he sits top left on the loft and is a bit the boss of the gang. He is also a very nervous pigeon…hard to keep into your hand…a real fuzz maker.’

Luc…do enjoy your first national victory and we like to wish you a lot of success with the Ronde van België.


Distance: 605km
Velocity: 1213.01 m/m