Pigeon Bids Van Dyck Dirk - Part III

03 Jul 14:00 -
13 Jul 14:00
13 Pigeons

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Recently Dirk Van Dyck passed away at the age of 61. He lost the battle with different health problems that he had to face the last years. We will not only remember Dirk as a great champion with the pigeons but also as an amiable person. Everybody was welcome and Dirk was always willing to help. His 1st National ace KBDB "De Kannibaal" made him world famous. Not only on the lofts at Zandhoven but also worldwide the offspring of "De Kannibaal" were invincible. 
A few weeks before Dirk passed away he selected together with Jo Herbots these offered birds. 
In this auction  grandchildren world-famous "Di Caprio" - grandchildren Olympiad bird "Olympic Niels" - grandchildren 1st Nat. ace KBDB "Blauwe Staf" - grandchildren "Blauwe Kannibaal Junior"