Pigeon Bids - total auction - late Vergotte Astère

01 Oct 14:00 -
11 Oct 14:00

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On 5 January 2022, Astère Vergotte from Aalter passed away totally unexpected. Astère was and still is known within the pigeon world as a real top pigeon champion. A bit of a master wizard who could get a bit more out of a pigeon than the average fancier.  He was also the forerunner and specialist in racing with hens. The way he could motivate his ladies to top performances was unseen. Astère was also supplier of pigeons with a strong inheritance power on many lofts. Also as a columnist Astère was a well read sports friend who taught many people some wisdom and tips for good care and improvement of the approach. The conversations with Astère were always fascinating, interesting and, above all, useful in practice. Many reasons why Astère is still missed by many people and is engraved in the collective memory! 

The family of Astère decided to sell all breeding- and racing pigeons, which were present on the lofts at the moment of death, through the professional care of the Herbots family. Once more the source of the Vergotte colony can be used. The Vergotte family wishes the buyers a lot of success.