Pigeon Bids Racing to 2024 - Part 9

15 Jul 14:00 -
23 Jul 14:00
18 Pigeons
Lot 1

“Daughter Schoon Madammeke”




Very close family of "Schoon Madammeke" won the last weeks

23/06: 4th, 5th and 6th Sermaises prov. against 2,789b.
29/06: 1st and 2nd Melun against 1,135b. (3rd and 4th Prov. 3,262b.)
05/07: 2nd Melun 446b.
13/07: 1st Sermaises 457b.
14/07 - at Bart & Nance Van Oeckel
17th Nat. Argenton 11,777b. (same bird won before also 9th Nat. Argenton 17,666b.) 
7th National Souillac            


Is a full sister to:
“Schone Remus”: 
1st Quievrain 1,395b. 
1st Melun 626b. (2nd fastest of 7,000b.) 
1st Quievrain 306b.
“Moeder Bolleke”: 
won as a youngbird 6 x 1/10 and is mother to “Bolleke”, winner of: 
1st Melun 1,798b. (2nd fastest 10,000b.) 
2nd Noyon 1,319b. 
3rd Sermaises 397b. 
8th Melun 1,211b. 
19th Sermaises 2,257b. 
3e Noyon 958b. (’24)
became at Van Oeckel mother to 15th Nat. ace KBDB ½ Fond yearbirds

To the mother of:
3rd Prov. and 9th National Bourges '24 against 18,785b. at Van Oeckel B. & N.


Father: “Remus” B18-6085085
1st Chevrainvilliers 1,179b. 
1st Quievrain 513b. 
1st Melun 3,974b. (fastest prov. against 7,769 yearbirds)
3rd Melun 851b. 
and so on
Is a full brother to “De Luierik”: 
20th Nat. ace KBDB ½ Fond youngbirds


Mother: “Schoon Madammeke” B16-6076059


Olympiad bird Poznan 2019 – Cat. H.

1st Vierzon 643b. 
1st Melun 1,225b.

4th Chevrainvilliers 622b.

6th Chevrainvilliers 604b. 
6th Argenton 3,322b. 
7th Melun 750b. 
7th Chevrainvilliers 1,482b. 
9th Bourges 3,621b. 

11th Souppes 837b. 
15th Souppes 1,408b. 
15th Chevrainvilliers 1,513b. 
19th Pont 1,623b. 
24th Ecouen 2,516b.

and so on

Winning bid
€ 2,600.00