Pigeon Bids OLR birds - ZG Helios Breeding Association

27 Mar 14:00 -
05 Apr 14:00

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Since the founding of the ZG HELIOS Breeding Association is more than 25 years ago, its members Dietmar Schulz in East Germany, Bruno Bucher in Switzerland, Yu Tao in China, Dr. Matthias Warzecha, Werner Hübner and Olaf Gehrken in Northern Germany have the general breeding goal: Breeding of a high-performing, hereditary pigeon family with the focus on participation in One Loft Races, which have been taking place for many years, fast and resilient pigeons are bred which are already able to deal positively and successfully as youngsters with changing climate and other conditions.

The year started successfully in Pattaya in January 2022 with 9th place in the final and the 2nd ace pigeon (breeder: Werner Hübner) and the 14th ace pigeon (breeder Bruno Bucher), this successful series for the ZG Helios almost continued continuously over the entire one loft race season 2022.