Pigeon Bids Mitchel & Bridget Vervelde Part I

25 Feb 14:00 -
05 Mar 14:00
14 Pigeons

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Superb internet auction of 22 top performing birds. Loft Vervelde is based on original birds of Leo Heremans, Johan den Hartog & Son, Lambrechts Stefaan, Gebr. van Toor, Van der Kruk-van Tuil.     

In 2016 Mitchel bred and raced the best youngbird of The Netherlands and meanwhile a lot of other top ace nominations are achieved.

1st Nat. ace youngbirds WHZB/TBOTB '16
7th Best yearbird national competition "De Allerbeste 2023"
1st Peronne 11,370b. - 2020
1st National S2 Pont St Maxence 12,729b. - 2022
5th NPO Melun 18,401b. - 2023
6th NPO Pont St. Maxence 19,142b. - 2020
6th National Issoudun 27,061b. - 2023
8th NPO Pont St. Maxence 7,593b. - 2016
8th NPO Peronne 8,965b. - 2016
10th NPO Pont St. Maxence 6,610b.
10th NPO Pont St. Maxence 34,317b. - 2023

Lot 7

“Special Blue”



Won as a young- and yearbird 16 prizes – 11 x 1/10

    1  Pont               987b.  319km

  10  Pont          34,317b.          

    2  Nanteuil         690b.  330km

  20  Nanteuil    17,711b.          

    9  Niergnies        281b.  214b.

536  Niergnies     25,125b.

  12  Pointoise           739b.  358km

  16  Niergnies           644b.  214km

  60  Niergnies        2,046b.  214km

  30  Quievrain        1,008b.  173km

  39  Niergnies        1,141b.  214km

  57  Niergnies           722b.  214km

  63  Niergnies           776b.  214km

866  Pointoise      10,966b.  358km


Is a full sister  to 
“Pole Position”: 
1st Peronne 11,370b.  
2nd Peronne 28,284b. 
3rd Fontenay 145b.  
147th Fontenay 15,396b.
177th Roye 20,199b. 
and so on
“New Special One”: 
1st Roye 227b. 
1st Fontenay 1,368b.
1st Niergnies 1,079b. 
won 17 prizes in 2 racing seasons – 11 x 1/100
7 prizes


Father: “Special For breeding” NL17-1847104
- Original van der Kruk – van Tuil
Bred in 2 generations 1st prize winners
Breeding line “Gilbert” (Heremans Leo)


Mother: “Triple Magic 851” NL17-1072851
- Original J. den Hartog & Zn
Is mother to 3 x 1st prize
Direct daughter base breeder “Jeff” x “Daughter Anna” (“Anna” won 1st Nat. ace short distance WHZB/TBOTB)