Pigeon Bids Bosmans-Leekens

11 Feb 14:00 -
21 Feb 14:00
6 Pigeons

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Since they started racing in combination in 2013, under the name Bosmans-Leekens, they have already won 4 national races. The counter of provincial victories flirts smoothly with the number 30 and the podiums on national, provincial and even Olympiad events are not strange to them! Bosmans-Leekens simply belongs to the top of Belgian pigeon racing. Nobody will deny this. Especially for Pigeon Bids they selected 6 toppers whereby a son out of "Triple Bas" (1st Nat. Gueret 12,888d.) x "O.T." (1st Nat. Chateauroux 15,322b.) - a son of "Olympic Triple Nena" (Olympiad pigeon Allround Brussels 2017) - Direct daughter Olympiad birds "Olympic Surprise" x "Olympic Elly" - and so on