Pigeon Bids Kobe & Kato Herbots

21 Sep 14:00 -
30 Sep 14:00
11 Pigeons

Auction details

In this online auction we offer 11 strong selected pigeons from the best breeders of the Raf – Kobe & Kato Herbots colony. This sale is all about the top breeders ‘Geof’ who became father to ‘Olympic Manuela’ 1st World Best Ace bird All round Belgium 2019 and 1st National Olympiad bird KBDB 2020 and also father to ‘Super Geof’ 6th National Ace bird Greater Middle Distance youngsters KBDB 2020. “Super Geof” has already become father in 2021 to National “New National Geof” who won the 1st National La Souterraine 14,315 youngsters in very hard weather circumstances. Also the other top breeding hen ‘Queen Victoria’ who became mother to 2 National Ace birds in 2019 and 2020. Only the best of the best is good enough to bring into auction for the Herbots family.