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30 Jan 14:00 -
08 Feb 15:00
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This small outstanding Top Colony has become one of Belgium’s best lofts, with its amazing number of 1st places and Ace Pigeons in National, Provincial and World Best Pigeon Rankings. Ruben Hermans from Kuringen won 
1st Nat Olympiad Pigeon Cat.B Oradea 2022 
3rd Nat Ace Pigeon Sprint Young Birds KBDB 2022 
1st Nat Ace Pigeon Sprint Young Birds LCB 2022 
1st Prov Ace Pigeon M.D. KBDB 2020
2nd Prov Ace Pigeon M.D. KBDB 2021 
3rd National Issoudun 5,670p 
2 X 7th World Best Pigeon 2021 with different pigeons… 

The whole colony -with its yearly average of 20 x 1st- No Dbl- is based on the successful strain of the late legend Pros Roosen ( Chateauroux – Computer II - … ), a fantastic breeding line that has produced real top pigeons, worldwide, generation after generation. From all the best racers and breeders, exclusive children will be auctioned here. Pure top class…

Lot 5

“Isodu 677”



Full brother “Isodus” 
3 Prov Ace Gr.M.D. KBDB 2021
Won on club level 1-1-1-1-2-2-3-4-5-8-… 
    9 Prov Orléans             1.895p 420km
  10 Prov Melun                2.028p 317km 
         ( 1st club 204p )
  22 Prov La Souterraine    446p 596km 
         ( 1st club 25p )
  30 Nat(z) Argenton       1.750p 560km 
         ( 1st club 126p )
  42 Prov Chateauroux    1.214p 533km 
         ( 1st club 58p )
  76 Prov Melun                7.087p 317km
130 NAT Bourges           28.551p 480km
171 NAT Bourges           11.952p 480km

Full brother “Argentina” 
7 Prov Argenton 1.789p ‘22


½ brother “Issouda 2” ( same mother )
7 World Best Pigeon All Round 2021
1 S.Prov.Sourdun 468p (3rd fastest 6.754p)
1 Laon 432p - 2 Prov Gien 3.746p 
2 Vierzon 469p - 2 Chateauroux 341p 
33 Prov Melun 13.491p 
   Mother from “Queen Victoria”
   5 Nat Ace LCB Short Distance 2022
     1 S.Prov.Laon     3.261p 
     1 Chimay               576p
   13 S.Prov.Laon     2.103p 
   16 S.Prov.Vervins 2.044p

½ brother “Mr Sourdun” (same mother)
1 S.Prov Sourdun 1.969p 305km


Father “BE 14-2043260” Sperwer II
Won himself 17 Nat Argenton 3.110p
Strain “Chateauroux” – “Computer II” Pros Roosen

Mother “BE 12-5018129” Lady Issoudun
Won herself 3 Nat Issoudun 5.670p
Inbred “Computer II” Pros Roosen

Winning bid
€ 1,900.00