Pigeon Bids grandchildren "Kittel", "Greipel", "Porsche", ...

14 May 14:00 -
23 May 14:00
11 Pigeons

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Famous German fancier Siegfried Müller won in racing season 2023 with only 26 bred youngbirds for own use, 14. German national Master youngbirds and 1st Region champion (nominated birds)
And also on other lofts the “Müller birds” perform super. Here we can mention family Eijerkamp who bought “New Euro” (Olympiad bird and 1st Nat. ace Germany) by Siegfried. “New Euro” is a current top breeder at Eijerkamp. 
And also in Denmark they are very successful with the Müller birds because the 2nd National Olympiad bird Maastricht is a grandchild out Siegfried’s top breeder “Beauty Greipel”.

In this auction German champion breeder Siegfried Müller offers grandchildren of famous KBDB ace birds such as 
"Kittel", "Greipel", Porsche 911", "Best Kittel" , "Daniel" and olympiad bird "New Euro"