Pigeon Bids Geerdink Ronald

24 Oct 14:00 -
03 Nov 15:00
14 Pigeons

Auction details

Auction Ronald Geerdink of 14 youngsters out of the best Barcelona birds of Jelle Jellema and Cor de Heijde 

The youngsters that Ronald Geerdink offers have been bred especially for this auction and come from top birds of Cor de Heijde and Jelle Jellema. It is a particularly vital group of youngsters from the best of Ronald Geerdink's super breeding loft. 

In 2020 Ronald was operated three times on his head and the benign tumour was removed. As the prospects are good, Ronald had a new pigeon loft built and he invested in the best big distance fanciers of the Netherlands. Eight pigeons from Jellema were bought including a great son of 'Silke' for 13,200 euros and a magnificent hen 'Inbred Miss Gijsje 430' .'Silke' won 1st national Barcelona 2020, 2nd international Barcelona, 3rd national Narbonne and 4th international Narbonne 2016. Unfortunately this great pigeon was stolen from Jelle on October 6th 2020!

At Cor de Heijde 13 pigeons were bought. Especially pigeons out of the line of 'Don Michel' and of course the 'Young Don Michel' who is father of three children and one grandchild in the first eleven national Barcelona, were bought. Also a daughter of 'Naomi' was bought. "Naomi" won at Cor de Heijde the 6th prize of national Barcelona 5,423 birds, 6th international Barcelona 20,669 birds, 29th national Barcelona 6,909 birds, 72nd international Barcelona 25,224 birds and 21st national Perpignan 2,181 hens. Naomi' was 1st European Ace Pigeon from Barcelona over 2 years with the 6th and 72nd prize internationally!

Unfortunately Cor was also broken into one week before Jelle and all breeding cocks including the progenitor of today's successes the 'Young Don Michel' were stolen! What a disaster for Cor who has experienced three burglaries by now. Rarely are pigeons from Cor de Heijde offered.

Now you have the opportunity to purchase young pigeons from the fantastic breeding loft of Ronald Geerdink. The loft that already produced 17 (Inter)national victories/ Ace pigeons. 

Ronald Geerdink has bred the pigeons out of two rounds of youngsters to have an equal number of cocks and hens for sale.