Pigeon Bids Exclusive pigeon - April 2024

07 Apr 14:00 -
16 Apr 14:00
10 Pigeons

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In 2019, Andreas Stemmer and Jens Taddigs joined forces and founded "Exclusive Pigeon". Together they only went for the very best and we are talking about direct children of "Olympic Rico" (Olympiad pigeon and 1st Nat. ace pigeon KBDB speed) - "Kittel" and "Greipel" (Dirk Van den Bulck) - - "White Man" (Vervoort) - "Porsche 911" - Olympic Gladiator" - "Luna" - "Prince Porsche" (PEC) etc...

Exclusively for Pigeon Bids, they offer superb offspring from these top breeders!