Pigeon Bids Bauters Jo - February 2023

04 Feb 14:00 -
14 Feb 15:00
10 Pigeons

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In this internetauction Jo Bauters selected 10 grandchildren of his famous breeder "Fabian"

“Fabian” B11-4239270 won 
1st National Poitiers 12,377b.
24th National Argenton 22,384b.

“Fabian” became a real master breeder in several generations. 
He is grandfather to (different winners):
1st national yearbirds Issoudun of 12,349 birds – 2022 (at BDS/Speybroeck)
“Ellis”: 1st National ace KBDB great middle distance youngbirds ’16  
1st Limoges 3,037b. 
Best yearbird of Belgian on 5 national long distance races 2019
4th best bird of Belgium GMD (7 national races) 2017
14th National ace KBDB GMD ‘19
and so on

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