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Yet another top season in a row for Alex and Annie Rans (Herent)

16 Mar 2023

Alex and Annie Rans from Herent have done it again, they have had another fantastic long-distance season. Time for us to make an overview of the best results and of course the best pigeons that made it happen. 

18-6 Valence     663km   
Prov. 682b.: 7-37-39-42-50-59-enz (14/23) 1753b.: 16-113-117-126-145-175 (11/23)

 2-7   Agen yearbirds   827km   
Prov. 856b.: 12-84 (15/31)
Nat. 7331b.: 169-693 (11/31)

 8-7   Barcelona 1055km 
Prov. 828b.: 2-12-20-28-34-35-45-50-59-69-78 (22/37)
Nat. 6560b.: 15-60-104-149-177-182-233-277-342-432-498-574 (21/37)

 15-7 Tarbes   923km  
Prov. 278b.:  8 (10/17)
Nat. 2899b.:  65 (6/17)

 24-7 Marseille   851km   
Prov. 242b.: 3-8-18 (3/10)
Nat. 2326b.: 23-72-146 (3/10)

 29-7 Narbonne 872km   
Prov. old 705d.: 12-61 (3/13)
Nat. 5749b.: 65-448 (3/13)
Prov. Y 840b.: 12-31-43-50-55 (8/25)
Nat. Y  6013b.: 76-180-234-282-316 (8/25)

 6-8   Perpignan 931km   
Prov. 488b.: 9-23-33 (10/20)
Nat. 3766b.: 68-153-219 (8/20)

 Winner National team race organised by OVV Gent together with G.H.Bodson (Momalle); Is with 1st nominated bird on Barcelona and Perpignan
2nd Provincial Champion marathon
2nd Provincial Ace Pigeon marathon with "Detlev "
2nd Champion marathon in "Sans Peur" Herent
4th Champion Grand Prix "Brabantse Unie"
5th National Barcelona  2years (2021-22) with "Bucki "
10th European Marathon (International over 5 out of 7 flights with 1st 2nd 3rd 4th and5th nominated (only 3 pigeons count) 
2nd Olympiad bird Marathon with "Chadli" in Romania (this is about 2020-2021)

Barcelona was a top result with 21 prizes from 37 pigeons
21st clocked Barcelona bird still achieved the 1003rd prize against 6560d. coef. 15.28 (prize per 6.5)

In previous years the result on Barcelona was also very good
2021 Prov. 1049b.: 2-17-24-31-77-81-85-88 (22/34)Nat. 6913d 9-194-265-311-620-652-690 (16/34)

Over a period of 10 years, 100 prizes from 218 basketed Barcelona birds were won, this is 45.87% prize national result (in the first 25%)

Father and son
“Zevlakov” en “Chadli”

BE19-2028667 ‘Chadli’

 ‘Chadli’ won:

3 National Ranking Marathon yearlings 2020
2 Worlds best Pigeon Marathon Belgium 2020 (after his father ‘Zevlakov’)
1 Provincial Ace bird Long Distance yearlings KBDB 2020
1 Ace bird Marathon Herent 2021

13 National Narbonne 4,120b ‘20 - 23 International 8,492b
45 National Marseille 1,882b ‘21
57 National Agen 5,955b ‘20 81 International 14,799b
270 National Agen 6,938b ‘21

This makes “CHADLI” Olympiad bird Marathon with the results 2020 – 2021. His coefficient is remarkably lower than the 1st Belgian Olympiad pigeon 2019, so wait and see and it might be that there is a wonderful Olympiad bird to be found on the lofts in Herent. 

‘Chadli’ is a direct son to top breeder ‘Zevlakov’ coupled to ‘Zylvia’


 ‘Zevlakov’ won himself :

1 Worlds best pigeon Marathon Belgium 2020
2 Provincial Ace bird KBDB Marathon 2020
3 National Ace bird KBDB Marathon 2020
4 European Ace bird Marathon 2020

Some other championbirds are:

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