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Will & Falco Ebben win with topper "Pandemic" 1st Quievrain 4,729 pigeons

11 May 2023

Last weekend Will and Falco were at the basketing table for the 3rd time this season. On the programme was Quievrain and against a competition of no less than 4,729 pigeons topper "Pandemic" took victory. 
A brilliant performance by a true topper because anyone who follows Dutch pigeon racing a little bit knows that "Pandemic" was flagged as 5th National ace pigeon speed ("De Allerbeste") last season. On his palmares are no less than 15 prizes 1/100 ! How many pigeons can present such letters of honour?
Palmares "Pandemic" NL20-1302164
1st Quievrain 4,729b.
1st Niergnies 2,664b.
1st Morlincourt 909d. 
5th Prov. Dizy Le Gros 14,634b.
6th Prov. Morlincourt 17,024d.
6th Melun 1,635d.
7th Prov. Chimay 7,156d.
14th Prov. Niergnies 9,279d.
14th Bierges 3,447d.
17th Niergnies 5,156d.
20th Bierges 5,348d.


Speaking of a champion and what totally completes the story is the fact that "Pandemic" is the nest-brother of that other topper namely "Pizza". 
"Pizza" NL20-1302163 won:
1st National ace pigeon All-round Pipa Ranking 2022
2nd National ace pigeon one-day-fond NPO 2022

"Pandemic" and "Pizza" are children of "Linus" (NL16-1310994) x "Katja" (NL15-1875475)
"Linus" won 1st National Chateaudun 12,511 pigeons and "Katja" is a granddaughter "Kaasboer" (Van de Wouwer) and one of the best breeding hens in the Netherlands as in 2 generations she gave following toppers:
1st Duffel 13,249d.
1st Dizy Le Gros 13,138b.
1st Quievrain 8,836b.
1st Quievrain 8,275d.
1st Chimay 8,815d.
1st Chalons en Champagne 5,952d.
1st Quievrain 4,729b.
1st Quievrain 2,983d.
1st Dizy Le Gros 2,983d.
1st Niergnies 2,664d.
1st La Ferte St. Aubin 1,275d.

We can only sympathise with this winning pigeon family and wish Will and Falco every success over the coming weeks. 

Stefan Mertens