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Wilfried Timmermans from Schaffen wins 1st + 2nd Provincial Orléans 2,496 youngsters ( 2 fastest of 4,221 pigeons )

27 Jul 2022

The 1st provincial race for youngsters was organized in Orléans by Brabantse Unie. 2,496 young pigeons entered the race and the 2 fastest young pigeons can be found in the lofts of Wilfried Timmermans. These 2 were also the 2 fastest of all 4,221 pigeons that were released in Orléans. A nice boost for a loft in form towards the national races. Bourges is in sight and the battle will once again be tough to compete at national level, but here in Schaffen in Brabant they are ready for it.

Wilfried took over the racing loft of the late Freddy Kestens last year, a wooden loft with 6 sections where aviaries are now placed and where the pigeons spend a lot of time. It's a choice but so far it works. The lofts themselves are well enclosed so that the pigeons can sit in them all day long.

The youngsters of the first 3 rounds are among each other from the start, due to his independent business, exhausts in multiple groups are not feasible. But for this he gets help from his friend Ludo, who fortunately helps out every day. The youngsters were darkened from mid-March to approximately June 10, after Orléans he started to lighten and will continue this until the end of the season. The goal here is mainly on the national flights.

The youngsters train daily once a day, they don't fly for hours like elsewhere, but rounding the hour is no problem. Now after a few tough flights, the training during the week is a bit less, but they make enough kilometers during the weekend, so this is not a problem. It is a tough season for all our pigeons due to the weekly headwind and this will not make it any easier for the youngsters in the national races.

In terms of training, the youngsters were taken away at 2km, 5km, 20km and then it went 2x to Fleurus. They flew 3x Momignies, 3x Soissons, 1x Nanteuil, 1x Sermaises and now Orléans. After Orléans, which was also not an easy race, they flew Momignies to regain confidence and to give the pigeons some rest for Bourges. Every week, the youngsters were raced 1x extra up to 50km, but he no longer intends to do this from Bourges.

The pigeons are raced on the sliding door and come together for 3 hours on the day of basketing. Afterwards they separate again and they are still well fed. The youngsters mainly received young pigeons from Matador in the spring and still are. Only towards the basketing they work with Turbo Energy to feed them with some candy. During the week, oil is added to the feed together with vitamin ral or brewer's yeast and they receive electrolytes when they return home.

He goes to Guy Mertens for a check-up once a month, when something is wrong he intervenes, but so far received 1 cure for tricho and coccidiosis in the run-up to the season along with a cure against the respiratory tract and nothing else. He is not in favor of taking a cure during the season unless it is really necessary. The young pigeons were vaccinated against paramyxo, rota and smallpox in the spring.

First 2 arrivals from Orléans 

BE 22-5033318 Dark Chequered Hen
1st Provincial Orléans 2.496 jonge young birds ( fastest from 4.221 birds )
Breeder : Vanonckelen Marc ( online auction )

Full sister from “Zacky” 12 x 1st – “Bl Chateauroux” 2 x 1st and 38 Nat Chateauroux 22.476b

Sire BE 14-2022406 Kazze - Vanonckelen Marc ( 100% Jos Thone )

Gr.F. BE 12-5030102 Kajo – Jos Thone
                Won 14 x 1st – 1st Prov Ace speed KBDB 2014 – 13 Nat Ace Speed KBDB 2015
                Son from “Nestbrother Kaja” x “Daughter Avril” 
Gr.M. BE 11-5010363 Belina – Jos Thone 
                Won 2 x 1st – 4 Nat (z) Gueret – 14 Prov Vierzon 3.088b – 84 Nat Bourges 19.655b
                Daughter from “Son Avril” x “Granddaughter Figo”

Mother BE 15-2180620 Shakira - Vanonckelen Marc ( 100% Jos Thone )
Won 6 x 1st on speed racers ( Soissons 1/600b – 1/446b – 1/247b – 1/203b – 1/78b – 1/56b – 2/689b – 2/274b – 2/233b – 2/89b – 3/859b – 3/709b -… )

Gr.F. BE 14-2022911 Avron – Jos Thone
                Son from “Grandoon Harry” Hooymans x “Granddaughter Frost” 
Gr.M. BE 14-2335668 Daughter Cavendish – Jos Thone
                Daughter from “Cavendish” 1 Prov Ace Speed KBDB ’08 x “Cavell” Inbred Avril

BE 22-2089212 Blue Hen
2nd Provincial Orléans 2.496 jonge young birds ( 2nd fastest from 4.221 birds )


Sire BE 21-2069417 Blue – Veulemans – Perilleux

Gr.F. NL 20-1775666 Cyclone – Willem De Bruijn
                Son from “Hendrik” 1st Asse 4.224b ( fastest from 9.876b ) x “Daughter Olympic Hurricane”
Gr.M. NL 19-1667580 Blue - Willem De Bruijn
                Daughter from “Jeroen Junior” x “Morgiana” 3 Nat Chateauroux 47.453b 

Mother BE 19-5082976 Dark Chequered ( Marc Vanonckelen via Marc Leeten )
Sister “Landa” 9 Nat Bourges 23.517b

Gr.F. BE 12-500094 Pirlo - Marc Vanonckelen
                Son from “Pepe” x “Aprilla” 5 Nat Argenton 22.442b
Gr.M. BE 15-2180413 Lan Dini - Marc Vanonckelen 
                Won 3 x 1ste middle distance
                Daughter from “Florus” x “Daughter Sachi” 1 Nat La Soutteraine 23.848b

Wilfried, congratulations on this great victory and good luck in the national races from the entire HERBOTS TEAM.

Buelens Kim