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Walter Roziers (Berlaar) wins the 1st Provincial Argenton Antwerp against 1,705 yearlings

09 Jul 2024

Berlaar - Walter Roziers won the first provincial prize for the province of Antwerp against 1,698 yearlings with his pigeon BE23-6026899, named 'Alvin Lee'. This pigeon also achieved an impressive 6th place at national level against 11,177 yearlings. Taking the yearling and old bird entries together, 'Alvin Lee' even came 13th out of a total of 20,044 pigeons.

Alvin Lee

Alvin Lee' is 2nd National Ace Pigeon in the provisional KBDB Ranking Great Half-Fond Yearling 2024 after four flights. His outstanding results are as follows:
25-05-2024 BOURGES
590th National against 18.785 pigeons
08-06-2024 ARGENTON
94th National against 17.666 pigeons
23-06-2024 SANCOINS
324th National against 12.958 pigeons
30-06-2024 ARGENTON
6th National against 11.177 pigeons

Expectations are high for 'Alvin Lee' and we are looking forward to his new achievements this year.


This year, Walter Roziers is using the chaos system for his old birds and his yearlings. Next year, he will give the widowers permanent partners. He mixes the feed himself, as his father did, with different mixes for breeding, feeding and purification, depending on the period. The pigeons are given electrolytes and treated for head disease and trichomoniasis. For the youngsters, he uses the same programme, but they are played "at the door".

Not his first time

Walter Roziers is no stranger to the great successes of pigeon racing. With his partner Jan Fierens, he won the Agen national competition in 2016 with their checkered cock 'The Stealer' (B14-6084324), which was the fastest of the 6,748 pigeons entered at the time. In 2021, they repeated this feat with 'Free Bird' (B17-6038743), which beat the 8,839 Brive pigeons.

With these impressive victories, Walter Roziers remains an important name in pigeon racing, and "Alvin Lee" is a new star in his loft. Walter, congratulations from the Herbots team.

Maarten Herbots