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Vrancken - Berden from Kuringen had a super season 2022

17 Jan 2023

Eric Vrancken lives with his family in the Limburg municipality of Kuringen. In recent years, the tandem Vrancken – Berden has been one of the high flyers in the great interplay of Central Limburg. In 2017 it started with “Het Olympiadeke” 3rd Olympiad pigeon youngsters, 2 years later superstar “Wout” was born that 2nd Olympiad pigeon youngsters Poznan 2019. That same year “White Man” won his 2nd Ace pigeon title in the sprint. In 2018 he became 12th Nat Ace Pigeon Sprint Yearlings KBDB and in 2019 3rd National Ace Pigeon Sprint Old Birds and on top of that 1st World Ace Pigeon FCI Sprint Belgium. A superstar of stature that was then referred to the breeding loft. The year later in 2021 it is completely hit with "Olympic Rico" who won several ace pigeon titles to Kuringen. In detail, this means that “Olympic Rico” became 1st National Ace Pigeon Sprint KBDB through his super season in 2020, afterwards he became 1st Nat Olympiad Pigeon Olympic Hope Cat.F KBDB 2020 and World's Best Ace Pigeon FCI Sprint ( old – yearlings and youngsters together ) 2020 This last title not only counts for Belgium, but also across all countries that participated in this competition. Or the highest of the highest that “Olympic Rico” could win. So he is even stronger than his father and “Rico” ensures the greatest success and he is now in the breeding loft at the Herbots house.

The story doesn't stop here because in 2020 he wins with "Mormelke Marie" the 1st Provincial Ace pigeon middle distance KBDB and this one became 4th National Ace pigeon middle distance KBDB. She is pure inbred to superstar “White Man”. In 2021 it will then be the turn of “Super Marie” who will be 15th National Ace Pigeon sprint youngsters having raced with only a few pigeons.

Now on to the 2022 season, what a season that was?! Eric's young pigeon team took a super start and was there week after week. The loft was in good shape and every week several top prizes were played against a thousand pigeons or more. The best pigeons of the 2022 season again came from the very best breeders at the Vrancken house, or "White Man", "Olympic Wout" and "Olympic Rico", of course not forgotten. The best youngster was of course “Miss White”. This impressive lady flew 16 prizes in 17 races and won 5 x TOP 3, in those 5 times she won 3 x 3rd after 2 loft mates. This top hen actually won 5 clear first prizes, but loft mates decided otherwise. Eric also wanted to give it a try at the further distances, the pigeons can do this and with barely 1 pigeon in the basket his favorite went to Chateauroux. This clapper did not disappoint and won 7th National against 17,081 youngsters over 530km. Pure top class from sprint to heavy middle distance here and elsewhere.

Topresults 2022

09/07 Chimay 4.132 young birds : 1,2,3,4,6,7,10,24,25,28,35,94,111,130,132,240,245,… 18/21
26/06 Mettet 3.257 young birds : 2,3,56,71,97,97,103,171,… 17/33
11/06 Vervins 3.163 young birds : 1,2,3,4,5,6,13,35,43,44,69,86,99,116,153,178,…30/45
                 4 fastest against 5.176 birds
04/06 Chimay 1.017 young birds : 1,3,8,11,20,21,22,23,24,27,39,44,44,48,51,92,93,94,… 31/46
            Chimay Gewest 3.222 young birds : 3,7,12,16,32,33,35,37,39,43,70,94,94,114,117,194,195,199,214,214,218,220,… 33/46
28/05 Chimay 822 young birds : 1,2,3,8,9,10,11,24,30,33,… 15/38
22/05 Mettet 724 young birds : 3,4,7,12,35,… 12/30
            Mettet Gewest 2.320 young birds : 3,4,7,12,40,… 19/30

Top championships 2017-2022

1st Olympiad bird Cat.F Romania 2022 with “Olympic Rico”
1st Nat Ace World Best FCI Sprint ( old+yl+yb ) with “Olympic Rico”
1st Nat Ace World Best FCI Sprint with “White Man”
1st Nat Ace Sprint young birds KBDB 2020 with “Olympic Rico” 
1st Nat Olympiad bird Cat.F KBDB 2020 with “Olympic Rico”
1st Prov Ace Middle Distance young birds KBDB 2020 with “Mormelke Marie”
1st Prov Champion sprint young birds KBDB 2022
2nd Olympiad bird Cat.F Poland 2019 with “Olympic Wout”
2nd Prov Ace Sprint old birds KBDB 2019 with “White Man” 
3th  Olympiad bird Cat.F Poland 2017 with “Olympiadeke”
3th Nat Ace Sprint old birds KBDB 2019 with “White Man”
3th Prov Ace Sprint young birds KBDB 2022 with “Miss White”
4th Nat Ace Sprint young birds KBDB 2022 with “Miss White”
4th Nat Ace Middle Distance young birds KBDB 2020 with “Mormelke Marie”
5th Nat Champion sprint young birds KBDB 2022
12th Nat Ace Sprint year birds KBDB 2018 with “White Man”
15th Nat Ace Sprint young birds KBDB 2021 with “Super Marie”
21th Nat Ace Sprint young birds KBDB 2022 with “Blue 91”

Super breeding line “White Man”

We have been aware for several years that this breeding line is something unique, a strain of pigeons that year after year produce several toppers. “White Man” himself was a direct pigeon from Rene Vervoort and was a real class pigeon, his palmares in 2 years time is one to say to you. After his flying career he was then coupled to “Super Toneke” from Antoon Neven. Eric had bought this hen on his total sale because he had already been successful with the pigeons from Antoon, namely super breeder “Gek” is a direct pigeon from him and is doing fantastic here.

You can admire the family of all these pigeons in this family tree.

Furthermore, we can only report that thanks to "Olympic Rico", the Herbots family has a new super breeder in their breeding lofts that is doing fantastic at home and abroad.

Toppers from part 1

Today we introduce the pigeons from part 1 to you, since the breeding lines of "White Man" and "Gek" are mixed up, we cannot distinguish them from each other. Both bloodlines, with several crossings among themselves, ensure real toppers generation after generation.

BE 22-5082099 “Miss White” Hen

The sensation of 2022 who became 4th National Ace Pigeon sprint youngsters KBDB 2022 and is a full sister of "Olympic Rico". You won't find them better…

BE 22-5082057 “Chateauroux Boy” Cock

The class pigeon that was the only pigeon that had to defend its loft from Chateauroux. He won 7th National Chateauroux against 17,081 pigeons and from this couple 4 pigeons were bred to race in 2022, all 4 of these pigeons are in this auction.


BE 22-5082058 “White Lady 058” Hen

The nest sister of the previous "Chateauroux Boy" who raced fantastic herself in the shorter distances with 2 x 1st and 12 x per 10 on 14 races. These pigeons rarely miss…

BE 22-5082084 “Kleine Wout” Cock

This topper won 5 x TOP 10 as a youngster and is related to 2 Olympiad pigeons ( Olympic Wout and Olympiadeke ), 4 youngsters were also bred from this couple to race and all 4 are present in this auction.

BE 22-5082097 “White Marieke” hen

This class hen did not miss in the 2022 season and scored 16/16, she won several top prizes and is a daughter of "Mormelke Marie". This one won 4th Nat. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance KBDB 2020

BE 22-5082066 “Blue 066” Hen

This hen won 2 x 6th against more than 3,000 pigeons. She is a full sister of “Blauw 91”, who became 21st National Ace pigeon sprint youngsters KBDB 2022.

BE 22-5082044 “White 044” Cock

This top cock was unable to use his talent, he only raced until the beginning of August and is now fully recovered. But what he showed was top class. He is a son of the best brother of "White Man", namely "Witte 69" who is grandfather of several toppers in this auction.