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Veulemans – Perilleux (Vissenaken) 1st and 2nd National Argenton 18.877 young birds

26 Aug 2023

In the classic from Argenton with the young pigeons we know this colony for gold and silver, namely Veulemans - Perilleux clocked 2 young pigeons 2 seconds apart and were the 2 fastest youngsters of 18,877 pigeons. It is of course still exciting when you clock 2 early pigeons and/or you remain in the national lead, but the relief was even greater when it was definitively confirmed. A unique achievement where, after several super long distance races, they can call it another successful season.

Overview 2023

1st Provincial Vierzon 749 old birds
1st Provincial Libourne 462 yearlings (10th National 4,822 yearlings)
1st S.Nat Souillac 910 old birds
1st S.Nat Chateauroux 1,760 old birds
1st S.Nat Tulle 1,420 yearlings
1st S.Nat Bourges 2,024 yearlings
3rd Provincial Libourne 412 old birds (21st National Libourne 3,880 old birds)

Other great results were

La Ferté Int.Prov 719 youngsters: 3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-14-17-22-25-25-27-30-31-32-33-34- 35-36…

Souillac National 4,827 old birds: 15-39-65-164-182-… 6/13
Souillac National 6,085 yearlings: 10-16-18-35-71-132-138-285-300-…. 17/30
Tulle National 4,982 old birds: 34-57-116-149-343-383-… 12/19
Tulle National 7,813 yearlings: 6-47-5759-67-103-104-136-201-219-265-…

The colony here consists of 2 tandems, Andre and Toon Veulemans and Jacques and Olav Perilleux. These were 2 father and his combinations that used to play separately and who joined forces in 2008. A decision like this is not an easy one because you always have different views, but this colony can take a beating and has recently been helped by Albert Noe who, together with Toon, takes care of the daily care of the racing pigeons. But having different views is sometimes good and they all have one thing in common, trying to win is the message here week after week. For this merged colony it is the 4th National victory in their career, without mentioning all the top results of the top 10 and top 100 National and the multiple provincial victories.

Later start with the young pigeons

The young pigeons were not thrown into the ring here at the beginning of June, we have deliberately not done that for several years because those first flights are only good for losing pigeons and now with the heat in that period that was especially the case. We normally train our pigeons a lot before the first flight from Momignies, but because Olav had less time for this, we drove a little less than before. Then they flew Momigies, Soissons, Nanteuil, Sermaises and La Ferté twice.

The La Ferté in question was good in terms of results in terms of early pigeons, but in terms of fitness when the pigeons came home, it was far from ok. The message was to give in, rest and patch up. The pigeons got some rest because several days later more pigeons came home, so you don't immediately get the momentum back with such a group. The pigeons were treated against the respiratory tract because here too the problem of eye infections arose in particular among the young cocks. The following week they were kept at home and they flew the week before Argenton on Monday Momignies and on Wednesday Mettet. The pigeons literally came home very sharp and we felt that everything was going well. The young team sits in spacious lofts where all rounds are together and where the group is trained in one gang. They have spacious and airy lofts that are also darkened and illuminated as the days get shorter.

The pigeons are fed here with the Hoebrechts mixtures, we only have Training and Racing and at the beginning of the week it is 2/3 Training and 1/3 Racing and towards basketing it is then 1/3 Training and 2/3 Racing. As an extra, they receive a daily mixture of grit, tovo, P40, candy and Goldcorn Beyers.

On a medical level, we always go for a check-up with Vincent Schroeder. We usually cure the pigeons here before the racing season so that they are clean. We use a lot of butyric acid in the drinking water in the winter.

BE 23-2042630 Blue Hen
1st National Argenton 18.877 young birds

Clocked : 13:33:16
Distance : 530,539km
Velocity : 1749,41 m/min

Father BE 18-6045918 Ivo – Ivo Renders
Father from “627/21” 2 Nat Bourges 24.496p
Brother 2 Nat Chateauroux 2.413bp
½ brother 1 Nat (z) Bourges 5.666p ( 6 Nat 24.019p )

Gr.F. BE 13-6031987 Jonge William – Lemmens x Renders – Superkweker
Gr.M. BE 13-6031924 Isanity – F & K Mariën x Jos Wouters

Mother BE 15-2142724 Mila
Won herself 4 Soissons 1.500b – 7 Soissons 1.423b – 17 Soissons 1.744b
Super breeding hen
Mother from “013/22” 4th National Chateauroux 17.081b ( 1 Prov 2.651b )
Full sister “922/13” 11 Nat Argenton 3.550b – 116 Nat Chateauroux 18.604b – 152 Nat Bourges 24.019b - 182 Nat Gueret 15.516b – 232 Nat Nevers 11.579b – 368 Nat Bourges 18.826b
The “922/13” is mother from 2nd Prov Vierzon 441b

Gr.F. BE 11-2041681 Milestone – Gaston Vandewouwer
            Son from “BE 09-719” Son Kaasboer x “BE 10-647” Blue F Tobback
Gr.M. BE 07-2043830 Iron Lady – Won zelf 2 x 1st
           Grandmother “522/11” 1 Nat Chateauroux 8.594b ( fastest 17.447b )
           Daughter from “821/01” Son Indurain R Hendrickx x “563/04” Sister Blue Toury

BE 23-2042439 Checkered Hen
2nd National Argenton 18.877 young birds ( after loftmate )

Clocked : 13:33:18
Distance : 530,539
Velocity : 1749,22 m/min

Full sister of “653/20” 6 x 1st – 1 Nanteuil 1,137p – 1 Soissons 328p – 1 La Souterraine 238p – 1 Soissons 210p – 1 Vierzon 93d – 1 Lorris 42p

Father BE 16-2009560 Starbust

Gr.F. BE 09-2021876 Terminator Smis – M & I Vandersmissen            
               Won 10 x 1st 
Gr.M. BE 11-2041757 Firestar            
            Won 1 Nat (z) Bourges 4,381p – 1 Argenton 1,157p            
            Full sister of “615/16” is mother of 5 Nat Tulle 7,267p            
            Daughter of “252/08” B-52 won 10 Nat Bourges 22,516d and 26 Nat Argenton 10,906d x “103/08” Hemera is a granddaughter of Platinum Pair

Mother BE 19-2002568 Black Bont
Won 1 Soissons 269p
Sister of “736/19” 9 Melun 908p and 62 Nat Tulle 4,451p

Gr.F. BE 11-2130535 Ramon – Won 7 x 1st            
           Son of “375/10” Blauwe Vroe De Vroe – Van Gaver x “930/10” Jolane 
Gr.M. BE 13-2167845 Superbe – Won 4 x 1st            
            Daughter of “108/11” Solarcoaster x “725/11” Brangelina