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Verstraeten – Vierendeels from Zonhoven have a family of winners

30 Oct 2023

Internet auction of the Verstraeten – Vierendeels colony from Zonhoven in Limburg are currently underway. This colony is not a large colony, a total of only 33 pigeons are sold here. The reason for this sale is Gustaaf Verstraeten's health problems and this brings a definitive end to this tandem.

This top sale includes several proven pigeons that have won fantastic prizes despite strong competition in the “Midden Limburg” combination. Especially the leading duo “Rambo” and “Remco” were the two standard bearers of this colony. The young pigeon season was less important for them anyway because the end was in sight, but their best young pigeon “Staafke” still won a nice victory in “Midden Limburg” against more than 3,000 young pigeons.

Some fantastic titles and results in Central Limburg, Provincial and National areas.

1st S.Prov. Laon 3,289 young pigeons (188km) with “Staafke” Part 2 – N°2
Fastest of 4,294 old, yearlings and young together with “Staafke” Part 2 – N°2
1st S.Prov. Laon 1,838 pigeons (188km) with “Remco” Part 2 – N°1
1st S.Prov. Laon 1,390 pigeons (188km) with “Rambo” Part 1 – N°1
Fastest of 4,158 pigeons on Laon with “Rambo” Part 1 – N°1
1st S.Prov. Dizy 1,260 pigeons (179km) with “Remco” Part 2 – N°1
Fastest of 3,989 pigeons on Dizy with “Remco” Part 2 – N°1
1st S.Prov. Chimay 527 pigeons (127km) with “Ludo” Part 1 – N°12A
1st Club Laon 475 pigeons ( 188km ) with “Rambo” Part 1 – N°1
1st Club Chimay 427 pigeons (127km) with “Ludo” Part 1 – N°12A
1st Club Dizy 426 pigeons (179km) with “Rambo” Part 1 – N°1
1st Ace pigeon youngsters Zonhoven 2020 with “Bianca” Part 1 – N°11
2nd S.Prov. Melun 882 pigeons (322km) with “Margotje” Part 2 – N°12
2nd S.Prov. Vervins 841 pigeons (166km) with “Remco” Part 2 – N°1
2nd S.Prov. Dizy 980 pigeons (179km) with “Ludo” Part 1 – N°12A
2nd S.Prov. Chimay 378 pigeons (127km) with “Remco” Part 2 – N°1

1st Provincial Ace Pigeon speed yearlings KBDB Limburg 2021 with “Rambo” Part 1 – N°1
14th National Ace Pigeon speed yearlings KBDB 2021 with “Rambo” Part 1 – N°1
34th National Ace Pigeon speed old birds KBDB 2022 with “Remco” Part 2 – N°1
35th National Ace Pigeon middle distance youngsters KBDB 2022 with “Linsy” Part 2 – N°6

The colony started here with some pigeons from the Wim De Troy colony, both from 2016. They both grew into real top breeders here and the stock was created around these pigeons. The crossing with stock father “BE 13-5017996” Polle (breed Guido Severeyns x Rudy Quintens) against the pigeons of Wim De Troy was a bull's eye. The founding father is now 10 years old but still fertilizes perfectly. After that, the introduction of a top hen from Etienne Stassen was a bull's eye and she became the mother of top racer “Rambo”.

Toppers of the auction

“BE 20-5049371” Rambo

This top pigeon became 1st Prov Ace Pigeon speed yearlings KBDB and 14th National Ace Pigeon speed yearlings KBDB in 2021. In total he won 6 clear first prizes and 13 x per 100. The entire “Rambo” family is present in this sale (parents, grandfather and grandmother).

BE 17-5016440 “Karel”

Son of base breeder “Polle” x “Koko 277” Wim De TroyFather of top flyer “Rambo”

BE 19-5112278 “Triple Lady”

Direct hen of Etienne Stassen and granddaughter of “Triple Ace” 2nd Olympiad Pigeon Cat.G Nitra 2013 who was a super breeder at the Bosmans – Leekens household.He became the father of, among others, “Olympic Triple Nena” 2nd Olympiad Pigeon All Round Brussels 2017.“Triple Lady” became the mother of top flyer “Rambo”

BE 16-6020277 “Koko 277”

The one and only matriarch of this colony and a direct descendant of Wim De Troy. She became mother of “Margotje” and grandmother of the two best racers “Rambo” and “Remco”.

“BE 20-5049352” Remco

This topper became 34th National Ace Pigeon sprint old birds KBDB 2020.
Won a total of 12 x TOP 10 Semi – Provincial.

BE 23-5002167 “Staafke”

This young top flyer was immediately put on top after his victory over Laon, with the risk of not wanting to lose him anymore. It was bred by Johny D'Haes.

BE 22-5082447 “Linsy”

This young top hen became 35th National Ace Pigeon Middle Distance Young Birds KBDB 2022 as a youngster last year and was only raced in 2022. Her father is 100% Wim De Troy and her mother “Marijke” received Marcel as an egg from Jos Thone and is also present in this sale.

Several full brothers, sisters and children of these toppers mentioned above are also present in this small but real top sale. This colony will come to an end on Thursday around 2:00 PM and 2:30 PM.